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Konata Izumi and the Escape from King Empty Jay


Drillimation Central

Current Status


Opening Date

WW July 8, 2004

Closing Date and Replaced by

No information

Attraction Type

3D Motion-Based Roller Coaster


Drillimation Studios


Driller TV, Inc. and Namco


Lucky Star

Height Restriction

42 inches

Konata Izumi and the Escape from King Empty Jay (泉コナタとキングエンプティージェイーからの脱出 Izumi Konata to Kingu Enputī Jeī kara no Dasshutsu) is a 3D motion-based roller coaster in GoAnimateLand. It first opened in July 2004 and is inspired by the 2014 ride Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.


The ride follows the events of the 1986 break-in at Ryou High School. It is basically a recreation of the events from the anime but adds King Empty Jay into the mix.


When the guests enter the preshow room, the screen displays a live-action Driller along with an animated Nanako Kuroi to discuss the overview of the ride and the mission. After a glass-breaking sound is heard, Driller and Kuroi leave the room and the guests are directed into the ride vehicle.


The ride starts off in the entrance of Ryou High School. After moving a few yards in, the ride vehicle stops with an alarm blaring, saying that the security system already being breached by Konata and company. After Kuroi confronts the guests, she casts a spell to open a portal to the Netherrealm. Suddenly, the ride vehicle makes its first drop into the Netherrealm, briefly meeting with Konata and company, while King Empty Jay and his army decide to come in to attempt to kill Konata and the riders.


Pre-Show Transcript

Driller: "Ahem! Oh umm hello! Umm let me get something."

[Driller is finding something in his desk]

[Fireworks bursts from the desk]

Driller: "Fireworks these days!"

[Nanako Kuroi comes to the scene]

Nanako: "What was that? What are fireworks doing there?"

Driller: "Well umm I do not know! And plus what are you doing there?!"

Nanako: "This is my office Driller and I own it!"

Driller: "Dang right, as usual. And hello guests, welcome to Ryou High School, home of the red."

Nanako: "The question is what are you doing here Driller?"

Driller: "Well, just checking some stuff."

Nanako: "Come on, we have a presentation to present!"

Driller: "You just moved my stuff that I was gonna get, right?!"

Nanako: "Well sorta, all you have to do is ask!"

Driller: "Can I have it please?"

[Nanako uses magic to get the stuff Driller wants.]

[The stuff lands on Driller's hands]

Nanako: "Here you go!"

Driller: "Thanks." [Driller shows the stuff to the audience.] "This right here is the Lucky Star pearl. I've known you've seen it, right?"

Nanako: "I use magic to levitate things like your stuff"

Driller: "Well you levitate the Lucky Star pearl"

[King Empty Jay breaks into the glass]

Nanako: "What was that?" [King Empty Jay appears.]

King Empty Jay: "All right, King Empty Jay here."

Driller: "King Empty Jay, get out! We're currently trying to present something!"

King Empty Jay: "Prussia says you can't have that Lucky Star thingy." [King Empty Jay steals it and runs off screen.]

Nanako: [Gets mad] "King Empty Jay is always causing havoc!!!"

Driller: "Oh yes, come on guests! We need to stop King Empty Jay!"

[The pre-show screen turns off.]

Ride Transcript

[The ride starts]

[The alarm blares]

Konata: "The Ryou High School defense systems have been set off! There are possibly imposters in Ryou!"

[Kuroi confronts the guests]

Kuroi: "Come on! Hop into this portal!"

[Kuroi casts a spell to create a portal]

[The guests drops into the portal]

Minami: "Yutaka Zhong, stop the vehicles!"

Yutaka: "I'm not going to let you go downward, but I'm sorry about that, but..." [Konata and friends appear] "Konata, what are you doing here!?"

Konata: "Get them out of here and retrieve the pearl, there's gonna be trouble!"

Kagami: "This is what happened: They set the defenses off and Kuroi opened a portal to the Netherrealm!"

[Foot steps from King Empty Jay can be heard. King Empty Jay knocks Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki off. Yutaka and Minami escape as King Empty Jay shoves the riders. As King Empty Jay reappears, Driller attacks King Empty Jay causing him to lose the pearl and knock the riders off as well.]

King Empty Jay: "Fools! You won't get the pearl! I am bringing it to Prussia Ocs!"

[As the riders fall, Soujirou shows up and stops the fall.]

Soujirou: "Guys, you're saved! Welcome to the Netherrealm! Perfectly safe as usual." [A blaze shows up and tries to blast the riders, but Soujirou stops the blaze with water.] "Die you son of a jerk!" [Kagami and Tsukasa show up and use fire to kill the blaze.]

Konata: "Hurry guys! we gotta retrieve the pearl!"

Soujirou: "OK!" [Soujirou sends the riders into a Netherrealm fortress]

Driller: "Watch out! Team Ankoku is attacking us again!"

[Team Ankoku admins Keel and Eguri break into the fortress]

Keel: "Welcome, fools. I've known you've seen Konata Izumi, but now you're finished!" [Keel sends the riders backwards.]

[Keel and Eguri do an evil laugh. Eguri and Keel reappear in a different spot.]

Keel: "Anyways, you will still never retrieve the pearl."

Eguri: "We will destroy you!" [Keel sends a blaze of fire, but Yui shows up and tries to blast Keel and Eguri. They try fighting back, but Yui finishes the job and retrieves the pearl.]

Yui: "Well, as you didn't know, I am Konata's cousin and a policewoman. Now that I retrieved it, I'll get you out of here!" [Konata shows up]

Konata: "Yui, thank you for retrieving the pearl, now let's get out of here!" [Konata and Yui take the riders out in the final drop.]

Soujirou: "Is everyone all right?"

Konata: "Yeah! We're fine! After all, Ryou High School and Kyoto are now the safest places on earth!"

[The ride ends]

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