Kuniyo Watanabe
Kuniyo Watanabe

Kuniyo's typical look.






Loquendo Susan
NeoSpeech Misaki (Japanese speech)

Kuniyo Watanabe (Japanese: 渡辺 圀世, Watanabe Kuniyo) is a 51st imposter of Kirby Loopsy. She is also one of Zion Mathis' crushes.


Kuniyo impersonates Kirby Loopsy's summer look, but only a bit different. She has rose sideswept hair, dark vermilion outlined cat ears, rose outlined tiara, dark fucshia eyes and tan eyelids. She wears a pale fuchsia shirt, a -80% grey tie and a heliotrope top to go on top of it. She wears a heliotrope skirt and dark rose shoes.


Her surname, 渡辺 (わたなべ), is the fifth commonly used Japanese surname, meaning "ferryside".

Her given name, 圀世 (くによ) is an uncommon given female Japanese name, may be unrelated term to mean "State Bank", which is the Chinese meaning of that term. The alternative counterpart of her given name would be 国世, which is the same reading. Thus, (くに, kuni) is an alternative form of meaning "country" or "state", the kanji is one of the Chinese characters created by Empress Wu during her regime in the 7th century A.D. In present days, is still used in Japanese, but uncommon, and only used in some Japanese naming.

On Yandereish-Love

She is one of Shauna and Miku's Victims.



  • It is one of the Kirby Loopsy's imposters that is not have a "Loopsy" surname. Her name got an idea in mind from Japanese online dictionaries.
  • Her name should not to be confused with the Japanese voice actress Kumiko Watanabe, which is spelt as 渡辺 久美子 (わたなべ くみこ, Watanabe Kumiko).

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