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Wikia Fan, how dare you watch Last character standing E1 S1!

This page/post may contain some content that some users may find offensive, but not strong enough to be deleted. This may include mild profanity, drug references, violence, and some suggestive themes. If you do not want to be offended or exposed to it, go back to your previous page/post or go elsewhere.

This is the First Show by codyrulez123.


Eric as Codyrulez123 (host)


Ivy as Flaky

Princess as Reimu Hakurei, Nitori, and Flaky's other voice

Kayla as Sophie

Julie as Marisa Kirisame

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya



Eric as Noddy, Carkle and John

David/Evil Genius/Zach as Caillou

Joey as Cuddles

Salli as Toothy

Paul as Igor


(Screen says: Warning: This Video has strong language. Video discretion is advised and then changes to Cody.)

Cody: "Ummm.."

Igor: "Welcome to last character standi-

Noddy: What the hell are we supposed to do here?

Cody: I was gonna explain but do we have do stand with this d*ck?

Noddy: I prefer the term: "asshole"

Igor: "Ouchie! Words!"

John: "Also, why Cody is on the girl's Team? he is a boy, you know!"

Cody: Blame the script writer.

Caillou: The stairs took forever.

Cody: Caillou, why the f*ck did you go up the stairs because there was a limo.

Igor: "Again, Blame the script writer!"

John: "Aleast he corrected the cast section."

Igor: "GOOD."

John: "Who will be the lead of the Female team? Flaky? Sanae Kochiya? Who?"

Carkle: Hi! I am here!

Cody: Igor is in the leader in the boy team, and Sanae Kochiya is the leader in the female team.

Caillou: Stupid car. Die stupid b*tcch!

Cody: guess the others are here! See you in the next episode of Last Character Standing!


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