Lemon-aid is episode 107a of Comedy World. It aired on Disney Channel on May 28, 2004.


Eric and PC Guy establish a lemonade stand so they can get a new air conditioner.


  • Eric as himself
  • Brian as PC Guy
  • Paul as himself
  • Steven as Man


  • This is the second episode to be animated by Cartoon Pizza. The first one was Unlucky on St. Patrick's Day/Lost and Found (the studio was known as Jumbo Pictures at the time).
  • There was a rumor that in the original airing, there was blood when Eric cut his fingertips off. However, this was proven false by one of the storyboard artists.


[The episode opens in the kitchen]

PC Guy: Eric! I can't stand this heatwave! We need a new air conditioner!


PC Guy: Eric?

[The camera cuts to Eric]

PC Guy: Eric, you're hogging up all the fans!

Eric: I'm not a fan of hogs. They're so disgusting.

PC Guy: Not that fan.

Eric: We need a new air conditioner.

PC Guy: I just said that not too long ago...

Eric: Oh yeah.

PC Guy: [checks his pockets from left to right] I don't have any money. Do you, Eric?

Eric: [checks his pockets from left to right and then his socks] Nope.

PC Guy: [a lightbulb appears above his head] A-ha! We can start up a lemonade stand!

Paul: [walks into the kitchen] Genius idea, PC Guy! When I was your age-

PC Guy: Approximately my age, or...?

Paul: Nevermind. Do your thing. [walks off]

[Eric is standing on one leg]

PC Guy: What the Devil are you doing?

Eric: Standing.

PC Guy: Not THAT type of stand! [takes a deep breath] Okay. Let's start. [opens the fridge and takes out a pitcher. Then he fills it with water]

Eric: Do we stand on that giant cup thingy?

PC Guy: No. People don't want to drink a beverage infested with your bacteria. [sets a lemon on the counter and takes out a knife] Here goes nothing... [cuts a lemon in half, only for juice to squirt into PC Guy's eye] AAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHH!!!!

Eric: I'll cut them myself, since you said "AAAAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!".

PC Guy: No! Don't!

[Eric tries to cut the lemons, but only succeeds in cutting his fingertips]

Eric: AAAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! PC Guy, lend me those bandages!

PC Guy: But I can't see that we- [slips on lemon juice] WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!


PC Guy: I think my nose is crooked!

[Later, both of PC Guy's eyes are burning red, and Eric has bandages all over his fingers]

PC Guy: We need to recover from our wounds before we can make some mula.

Eric: Yeah. [tears up a bit] Owwie wowie...

PC Guy: Regardless, we have made enough lemonade to fill up the pitcher. So next we need to build the stand itself.

[Eric moves a wooden crate into place, while PC Guy paints a sign]

Eric: C'mon, let's take this outside.

[The screen wipes to the brothers putting together the stand]

PC Guy: Eric, are there any nails left?

Eric: As in a fingernail? I got none left.

PC Guy: I meant nails that you build with.

Eric: Oh yeah! [hands PC Guy a crate of nails] Here y'go.

PC Guy: Thank you. [tries to hit a nail with a hammer, but ends up thrashing his thumb] Y'OOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH!!!!

Eric: No! You gotta do it like this! [hits a nail into the stand, which ultimately causes the sign to fall on the two]

PC Guy: Let's... [grunts] restart.

[Fades to Eric and PC Guy behind their stand and several pitchers of lemonade on the stand]

Eric: Alright, I'm finished mixing the lemonade.

PC Guy: Good. All we gotta do now is wait for a civilian to pass by.

Eric: Hey! Our first customer is about to arrive!

Man: A glass of lemonade just for a dollar? Sweet! I'm in. [hands the duo a dollar]

PC Guy: Thank you, sir. [grabs a spoon and attempts to put lemonade in a glass, but the lemonade spills on the sidewalk] Whoops. My bad.

Man: It's okay. Mistakes happen. Heheh.

PC Guy: [grabs another cup only for it to break] Darr. [grabs another cup and pours some lemonade] Here you go.

[The Man looks at the lemonade, it is boiling from the heat as he looks at it]

Man: Umm, is it supposed to boil like that?

Eric: Yes, sir.

Man: Okay then. [sips his lemonade]


Man: Wait, wha- [explodes]

[Footage of the Operation Crossroads' Baker plays]

[Cuts back to the duo]

Eric: How come the city is still in perfect condition?

PC Guy: Maybe it's because they actually have cool air!

Eric: Good point. Hey! Our second customer!

Customer #2: Two glasses of lemonade, please. I suppose it'll cost $2, yes?

PC Guy: The answer is obvious: yes, sir.