Levi Loopsy
Levi Loopsy

Levi Purby's typical appearance.

Full name

Levi "Ackerman" Purby






VoiceForge Kayla


  • Naruto
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Hardcore Video Games
  • Vocaloid
  • Evil Strawberry Shortcake


  • All Baby Shows
  • Videos out of Users
  • Terms of Use Violators
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Frozen


  • Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 EDCP
  • HeavyMetalFan1993
  • Kirby Purby's impostors
  • Eren Purby
  • Armin Purby
  • AOTFanatic 25000 (Panty and Stocking Lover 10000)
  • ZindrenTheSwaggerGuy79
  • MasterHandComedian1999
  • Sean Campbell (EvilStrawberryShortcakeFan2015)
  • Spencer Li


  • Kirby Purby (Formerly)
  • Patrick1100
  • HeavyMetalFan1993's impostors
  • Alex Hernandez
  • WindowsMaster (Wesley TV)
  • Zack G
  • Cyrus Corpus

Levi Purby is the 357th Kirby Purby impostor created by Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1. She's based on Levi Ackerman from the anime Attack on Titan. She is also Mikasa Purby's Older Cousin.


Levi Purby is based on Kirby Purby's third (summer) look, and it's much closely shared appearance as Serena Purby's. She has Black Sideswept hair, Tan Outlined Tiara, Green Eyes and Black Eye Lids. She wears a Tan Jacket, A White Scarf and a White and Brown Punk Skirt.

HeavyMetalFan1993's impostor threat

Not only did she hate Kirby Purby, but also she hated and slayed HeavyMetalFan1993's impostors who were created by Patrick1100, which he forced users to stop adding more Kirby Purby impostors on this Wiki by messing up the list. As this threat is considered aggressive, this led Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 to make an execution video of HeavyMetalFan1993's impostors Except for BlueMetalFan1993 who was Created by Wesley TV.


  • She was Supposed to Execute Patrick1100 and BlueMetalFan1993 but Sasori Purby had to Takeover due to Business. (It's got Nothing to do with Slaying Titans)
  • Levi Purby was created to be loved. (Levi is the most popular character from Attack on Titan)

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