Luke Gartrell (a.k.a Oobi G now Cookie Joe,now Luke Roll, and now Luke The Electronic Guy) is a boy born in 2002, who likes Baby Shows such as (Oobi, etc), He joined YouTube on August 20th 2013, but he got terminated in Feb 22nd 2015. Then he came back, then he got terminated again, then he came back as Oobi G, but then he got terminated on May 13th 2015. Then on Jan 6th 2017 some user named Queen Angelica Pickles will kill you All UTTP/Angelica Pickles UTTP THDTC impersonated him as Oobi G, according to TripleB780, Angelica Pickles UTTP THDTC is the one who impersonated Luke Gartrell.


All Baby Shows, etc


Brendan Barney, etc


  • He is the only user who likes every single Baby Shows In the Whole Entire World
  • Angelica Pickles UTTP THDTC impersonated him back in Jan 6th 2017
  • His Avatar is mostly an Red Hoodie Guy from GoAnimate
  • On May 22nd 2015, He is still on Youtube, but He is named Cookie Joe. But then on October 22nd 2017, he changed his name to Luke Roll. On July 1st 2018, he changed his name once again to Luke The Electronic Guy.