Mark Wolf is an upcoming 2015 independent action, puzzle platformer game created by IA.


An evil power hungry war Lord named Zeblor has killed the king of the sanctuary Kingdom, taken over his kingdom, and kidnapped his daughter, now it's up to the heroic Mark to kill the evil Zeblor.


A lizard like beast (who was the mayor of the capital city) murders the king of the sanctuary Kingdom, since there are no witnesses to the crime and the king's daughter is a bit too young to be queen, Zeblor takes over the kingdom and turns it into an empire, however a young wolf named Mark and his stork friend named Samuel free several cities from Zeblor's grip, (by destroy his commanders and bases) and they eventually make it to Zeblor's castle after defeating Zeblor's General (vudwick von drup) and making there way through some obesiticals, the heroes make it to Zeblor's throne room where he is trying to marry the king's daughter (Princess Jen, who is a cat), they stop the unholy matrimony and after a tough battle they through Zeblor into an incinerator, killing him. At the end of the day the heroes are knighted by the new queen and Mark revives a smootch from Jen.


The game is 3D platfo

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