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Marmalade (Jade) Otter

Marmalade's actual appearance.


October 31, 1999




Only 8 centimeters tall (formerly), same as Cherry (human form), same as Jelly Otter (otter form)


Shy Girl (formerly), Ivy (currently), Kimberly (Human form), Bryn McAuley (non-GoAnimate voice)


Same interests as Cherry in general, Disney, 80's stuff, 50's sitcoms, 20's cartoons, LGBT


Terrorism, Thunderstorms, Adult Movies and Shows, Blood, Hip Hop, Loud Noises, Boys Clothing, Losing his pet frog Lime


Sackboy (formerly), Otter (current), Human (sometimes)


Water manipulation, Afro Shield, Shapeshifting into a Human

Family Tree

Sophie the Otter (Former Foster Mother), Peanut Otter (Former Foster Second Cousin), Jelly Otter (Former Foster Second Cousin), Baby Butter Otter (Former Foster Second Cousin), Aunt Nanner Otter (Former Foster Grandmother), Redolfo Otter (Former Foster Stepgrandfather), Opal Otter (Former Foster Grandaunt), Ernest Otter (Former Foster Granduncle), Maude and Claudia Otter (Adoptive Mothers), Ponzu, Rayu, Wasabi, and Tofu Otter (adopted daughters from Japan)

Jade Zoey-Elise "Marmalade" Otter is Sophie the Otter's colored version of Cherry and temporary foster son, who is oddly a few months older than her. He has a Chinese-American panda girlfriend named Shelly Yang. He in general shares almost the same interests as Cherry. Unlike Cherry, he has a pet frog named Lime (who is 6 cm tall). Compared to Cherry, instead of becoming a human, he became an otter. Otherwise, he can become a human when needed via shapeshifting.


He was originally a brown Sackboy with an orange dress, black hair tied up into two short pigtails with two yellow bows on both sides, and brown high heels. He wears contacts.

When shapeshifted into his human form, Marmalade wears black medium hair tied into pigtails, large round anime style hazel eyes with long eyelashes that shine (sometimes golden brown, brown, yellow in some versions), slender feminine body, medium complexion (darker in some versions), light brown lips, heart shaped head, small attached ears, and a small nose. His height is short but he wears footwear that makes him appear tall even though he's the same height as Cherry. He resembles some porcelain little girls as well as Annie from the BrainPOP Jr. series of Internet videos.

In Spring 2015, Marmalade's hair is now in a well-groomed afro (resembling Opal Otter's, except it's black and with no headband) with 2 yellow and blue heart clips (in Comedy World form, flower clips) on each side. He wears an orange sweater and a lighter orange skirt complete with white socks and brown boots complete with his glasses. In Comedy World form, he wears his original brown high heels instead. 

Since Mid-April 2015 following Cherry's human transformation roughly a month prior, Marmalade has transformed into an orange Jim Jinkins-style otter with a long tail and dotted eyes. He wears a yellow and blue sweater complete with light blue pants. In GoAnimate, his style is now in Lil Peepz. He wears two fish hair clips instead of heart/flower-shaped ones (although they're still flowers in his Lil Peepz form).

From February to September 2016, Marmalade will wear a pastel yellow sweater dress with baby blue hot pants underneath complete with brown sandals. He will wear butterfly clips on his afro.

From September 2016 to May 2017, Marmalade will wear a white jacket with a pink and black shirt along with a 50's era poodle skirt and black pumps. He will also sport pink-framed sunglasses instead of his contacts. His hair will be relaxed and down, only becoming his signature afro whenever his forehead feels excessively warm.

Receiving New Parents

On Hoohaw Hoo 2015, Sophie the Otter lended Marmalade to a lesbian otter couple named Maude and Claudia (ages 44 and 48 respectively), thus giving him new adoptive mothers.

Pokemon Team

By January 2016, Marmalade has formed a new Pokemon team. His Pokemon consist of:

  • A male Piplup named Tux
  • A female Smoochum named Kissy
  • A female Flabebe named Flora
  • A male Politoed named Pear
  • A female Delcatty named Rita
  • A female Bouffalant named Belle

Note that as a trainer, he is in his human form.


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