Master Hand and Crazy Hand
Master Hand and Crazy Hand

The hands themselves.


Mima, Yandere-Chan, KK, IA, Boyned, Jamesisadminagain and Phifedawg


Igor, Sophie, Carkle, Pingy, Sanae, Irina, MC Adore, Palutena, Renko, Preston, Cirno, Mordecai, SimpleGuy1401, TFBLRSAF2000 and Info-Chan




Villian (Igor's GoAnimate Series)

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are bosses in the Super Smash Bros. series.

How they appear in the GoAnimate world

In Igor and Pingy's videos, they appear to fight Igor, Pingy, Oliver, Sophie, and others and they also team up with the NoGang.

In OliverWestern's videos, they are the complete opposite of his Smash Bros. counterpart, for Master Hand and Crazy Hand prevent troublemakers from escaping jail, and are extremely friendly towards the Nintendo gang.

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