Medekhgüi Loopsy
Medekhgüi Loopsy

Medekhgüi's typical appearance.






NeoSpeech VW Yumi

Medekhgüi Loopsy (Mongolian: Мэдэхгүй Лөпьсиы) is the 163rd Kirby Loopsy imposter. She is one of the Mongolian Kirby Loopsy impersonators.


  • The reason is to add the "Loopsy" surname even it's a nationality-based Kirby Loopsy imposter as the Mongolian naming convention doesn't have surnames at all. Instead, they are patronymic namings (for further information, see Mongolian name article on Wikipedia.).
  • It is the first Mongolian-based Kirby Loopsy impersonator.
  • It is the second Kirby Loopsy imposter to name her in Cyrillic script (Mongolian language uses Cyrillic alphabet in the Republic of Mongolia). The first is Ivana Loopsy.

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