Mirror James

Mirror James is the mirrored version of James The Animator. He is one of the characters in Alternate Universe Oddities.

Character traits

  • Mirror James has a very militaristic personality.
  • Mirror James cannot spell any word correctly, and cannot speak coherent sentences.
  • Mirror James is unintelligent
  • Mirror James is a tad underweight.
  • Mirror James lives with his dad and his 9 siblings.
  • Mirror James hates people with long hair.
  • Mirror James hates wrestling.
  • Mirror James likes when people don't take him seriously.
  • Mirror James is an animal abuser, and is constantly a jerk to animals.
  • Mirror James has an awful backstabbing problem.
  • Mirror James likes to gamble, smoke, and drink.
  • Mirror James hates technology and animation.
  • Mirror James never gets any sleep, so his eyes are bloodshot.

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