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Mr. Driller's Namtendo Blast


Drillimation Central

Current Status


Opening Date

JP June 7, 1990
CA April 11, 2003
FL July 9, 2012
GC April 12, 2014
RG November 2, 2015
TC November 2, 2015

Closing Date and Replaced by

JP October 20, 2002 (The Drillimation Blast)

Attraction Type

Motion Simulator




Driller TV, Inc.


Super Smash Bros.

Height Restriction

40 inches

Mr. Driller's Namtendo Blast (ミスタードリラーのナムテンドブラスト Misutā Dorirā no Namutendo Burasuto), formerly known as The Drillimation Blast (ドリメーションブラスト Dorimēshon Burasuto), is a motion simulator ride In GoAnimateLand. It is inspired by the 2003 Ride Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast. It first opened to the public in 1990 and reopened in 2003. Namtendo is a portmanteau of Namco and Nintendo. The ride simulates a chase after Keel Sark after he stole an invention by Susumu Hori in the various soundstages in the Super Smash Bros. universe.


In September 1989, GoAnimateLand Japan needed a new section and ride, because the park had lost a large percentage of visitors, and they brought up the idea of a Mr. Driller themed simulator ride. In November 1989, Driller TV, Inc. sold GoAnimateLand Japan a license to build The Drillimation Blast.

The ride production was finished in March 1990 and the attraction opened in GoAnimateLand Japan on June 7, 1990 as The Drillimation Blast, the same opening date of GoAnimateLand California. The animation was produced by Driller TV, Inc. using the 3D animation software PowerAnimator. The ride was different, because Nintendo's games were in the early years. The ride simulated a chase after Keel Sark through the various soundstages of Drillimation Studios.

In April 2002, GoAnimateLand announced that they will be redesigning the ride to theme with Namco and Nintendo's games. In October 2002, the ride was temporarily closed for the renovation and reopened in April 2003. As of October 21, 2014, the ride is still open and available to ride on.

In 2012, a third installment of Mr. Driller's Namtendo Blast opened in GoAnimateLand Florida.

In 2015, a fourth and fifth installment opened in GoAnimateLand Guy City and GoAnimateLand Dream City.



On the outside queue area, where guests wait in line, show several screens playing various Drillimations all in a loop.


Susumu, Wataru, and Puchi talk about his new enhanced drill known as the Super Mecha Death Drill, created from Golden Dristone technology. During his demonstration, Keel breaks into Susumu's house and steals the drill. Susumu and Puchi then leave to pursue them.


How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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After a crew member guides the guests into the seating room and the lap bars go down, Susumu, Wataru, and Puchi take off in his vehicle known as the Drill Master, pursuing Keel to take back the Super Mecha Death Drill. Keel then stops them using his drill instead of the Super Mecha Death Drill.


Following the ride area, the guests are escorted into Drillimation Game Center where guests can play various arcade games by Drillimation Studios all on free play.

The DrillStuff Store

Following the post-show area, there's a gift shop where Drillimation merchandise can be purchased.

Pre-Show Transcript

GoAnimate V3 Wiki Logo Redesign Contest Entry (Re-re-re-re-updated) Are you sure you want to do this?

This is a long section. Your device may lag when viewed, depending on the speed of your device.

[The screen for the pre-show turns on.]

[Wataru is humming]

Susumu: "Wataru! That's a new and enhanced drill! Not a toy! Plus we have a presentation coming on! Now I guess!" Hello players! I'm Susumu Hori! And this is my talking dog Puchi!"

Puchi: "Woo woo, arf!"

Susumu: "And that's Wataru over there not touching anything!"

Wataru: "Awww, [bleep]!"

Susumu: "Welcome to my house! Right here at Nintendo and Namco Studios! Puchi! Map check!"

[Puchi lets the guests look at the map of both studios]

[Susumu points at Pacopolis from Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures]

Susumu: "This is where Pac-Man, Cylindria, and Spiral lives!

[Susumu points to Earthbound's Onett accompanied by the Onett theme from Super Smash Bros Melee (also known as Super Smash Keyboards 2)]

Susumu: "And there is Ness's home!"

[Susumu points to the Mushroom Kingdom accompanied by the Driller Engine Super Mario Bros. overworld theme.]

Susumu: "And right here! Précising a land level is Mushroom Kingdom!"

Susumu: "And of course we're at my house right now! Finally it's great to present to you the Super Mecha Death Drill!"

[Susumu sees Wataru in the Super Mecha Death Drill]

Susumu: "Wataru!"

[Wataru is seen riding in the Super Mecha Death Drill spinning]

Wataru: "Oh my God, what did I just do!?"

[Susumu turns off the drill with aremote]

Wataru: "I, really, think, I'm, really, queasy!"

Susumu: "Along With The Super Mecha Death Drill Is My Super Drill And The Slightly Unpredictable Drill Master."

Wataru: "Uh What Happened To The Mega Drill?"

Susumu: "Don't Ask!"

Susumu: "The Super Mecha Death Drill is made from Golden Dristone technology! It's the fastest and strongest drill ever built!"

[Alarm blares]

Susumu: "Computer! Status report!"

Computer: "Intruder detected outside the house Susumu Hori!"

Susumu: "Security CAM! Check the outside! Everything seems fine! Please let me know if you see anything! The Super Mecha Death Drill may lay on the wrong hands!"

[Keel Sark is seen on the security CAM accompanied by the Team Rocket Appears! theme]

Susumu: "Maybe it's just a false alarm, probably broken the security Ssystem"

[Puchi sees someone breaking into Susumu's house and Puchi growls]

Wataru: "Uh Susumu?"

[Keel Sark breaks into Susumu's house In disguise.]

Wataru: "It's someone!"

Keel: "So! Susumu Hori! My old nemesis! We meet again ho..."[Keel Sark takes off the disguise]

Wataru: "Uh my old nemesis means potty!"

Susumu: Keel Sark! What are you doing here?!"

Keel: "This was on my ship." [Keel Shows Wataru's cat Pachee]

Wataru: "Pachee!" [Wataru snatches Pachee from Keel.]

Susumu: "You came to earth to return Pachee!"

Keel: "[Laughs] Mine at all! Just wait until I get plans for you! Made the tape!"

[Keel shows Susumu, Wataru, and Puchi His plans on the tape he recorded on his iPad]

Keel: "Please can I enslave the earth?"

Dr. Manhole: "No!"

Keel: "Please?"

Dr. Manhole: "I said NO!"

Keel: "Please?"

Dr. Manhole: "HECK NO!"

Keel: "Please?"

Dr. Manhole: "HECK FREAKING NO!"

Keel: "Please?"

Dr. Manhole: "FINE THEN!"

[Keel cheers]

Dr. Manhole: "Susumu Hori Has a powerful drill called the Super Mecha Death Drill! Steal it! And bring it back here! The Do-Gooders and Team Ankoku will use it to enslave the earth!"

Keel: "But enslaving the earth was my idea!"

Dr. Manhole: "Whatever! Just bring me the god dang drill!"

[The tape ends]

Susumu: "Keel Sark!"

Wataru: "Susumu! we gotta stop him!"

[Keel Goes into the Super Mecha Death Drill]

Keel: "Too late Susumu! I claim this rocket in the name of Team Ankoku!"

Susumu: "Wataru! The remote!"

Keel: "Gimmie that or I will steal your soul!"

Wataru: "Okay!" [Wataru gives Keel the remote]

Susumu: "Wataru!" [Facepalms]

Wataru: "I couldn't help it Susumu! He is some kind of evil mastermind or something!"

[Keel blasts away with the Super Mecha Death Drill]

Susumu: "Come on Wataru! We gotta stop Keel Sark! Were the only ones who could save the Namco and Nintendo Studios and the planet!"

Wataru: "Me? Uh, oh heck no Susumu! I don't think that's a good..."

Susumu: "Will you take the Super Mecha Death Drill and you guys can follow the Drill Master!"

Wataru: "But you said the Drill Master was slightly unpredictable"

Susumu: "Well it's not totally unpredictable! Besides! I have the Super Mecha Death Drill by remote control! What could go wrong!"

[The Super Drill Breaks]

[The screen blacks out]

Susumu: "I could fix that!"

Susumu: "Come on! Drills are waiting!"

[Alarm Blares]

Ride Transcript

GoAnimate V3 Wiki Logo Redesign Contest Entry (Re-re-re-re-updated) Are you sure you want to do this?

This is a long section. Your device may lag when viewed, depending on the speed of your device.

Crew Member: [On feedback] "Wataru! Start the countdown!"

Wataru: "Oh Susumu! Let's not do this 9! How about we go get something to eat 8!

[The giant metal door opens]

Susumu: "Will skip the countdown! We gotta blast! Come on Puchi!"

[They blast off out of their house]

Wataru: "Man I'm hlad I'm not in that Susumu!"

[They see Keel riding the Super Mecha Death Drill]

Susumu: "It's Keel! Okay players! Hang on!"

Wataru: "Half way out there Susumu! What the he-"

Susumu: "Look out for the water tower!" [Keel gets splashed by water]

Keel: "Look out I'm a Team Ankoku leader on a mission who can't die no matter what!"

[They go to Onett]

[Puchi catches a baseball]

Keel: "Nice catch!"

Wataru: "Hey Ness!"


[They Go To Pacopolis]

Keel: "Eat my cosmic dust players!" [Keel goes way too fast]

Wataru: "Susumu! Robo-Claw!"

Susumu: "Puchi! Robo-Claw!"

[Puchi releases rhe Robo-Claw and grabs Skeebo with the Robo-Claw]

Skeebo: "Ugh what's the big idea?!"

[They go riding inside the dorm chasing Keel Sark]


[They let go of Skeebo when they pass his room]

[They get sent back to Namco and Nintendo Studios]

Wataru: "That was close!"

Susumu: "This is gonna get bumpy!"

[They go into Super Mario Galaxy]

Wataru: "AAAAAGH! LUMAS!!!!"

Susumu: "Luma! Lubba! You gotta help us!

Lubba: "Elvis? You got it!"

[Lubba turns Keel into Elvis Presley]

Keel: "Hey thank you very much...."

Wataru: "Oooooh My aching head!"

Lubba: "Bacon head? OK!"

[Lubba turns Wataru's hair into bacon]

Keel: "Oooooh! BACON!!!!"

[Keel eats one of Wataru's bacon hair]

Wataru: "Hey Don't let him eat my hair Susumu!"

Susumu: "Uugh! This isn't really helping guys!"

Luma: "Lubba just give Rosalina's Wand to Wataru!"

Lubba: "OK! Here Wataru!"

[Lubba gives Wataru Rosalina's Wand]

Wataru: "GO AWAY!"

[Wataru poofs away Keel Sark]

Susumu: "Wataru! We have to follow him!"

Luma: "Sounds like a which!"

[Luma poofs Susumu, Puchi, and Wataru to Team Ankoku Planet]

Susumu: "No! Not the Team Ankoku Planet!"

Wataru: "Umm Susumu you really do not like this here!"

Susumu: "We've got to stop Keel Sark, Wataru!"

Wataru: "Oh yeah this time I don't think this oh sh[buzzer]!"

[They go down to Keel Sark]

Keel: "Have some of this Susumu!"

[Keel bumps into Susumu]

[Keel crashes into the Team Ankoku Bowling and topples the Team Ankoku Citizens]

Team Ankoku Taxi Driver: "Taxi! Taxi!"

Team Ankoku Bistro Worker: "There is a boy with a drill!"

Team Ankoku Newspaper Boy: "Extra! Extra! Susumu Hori returns!"

[The Team Ankoku Newspaper boy shows the guests the newspaper while riding]

[Susumu and Keel Sark go into Dr. Manhole's Fortress]

Susumu: "It's a trap!"

Dr. Manhole: "Susumu! It's so nice to see you and your little players too! And do you know someone waiting for them?"

[FrackTail from Super Paper Mario appears.]

Susumu: "Fracktail!"

[Fracktail roars]

Keel: "Yes! Fracktail will fry your...[Keel gets blasted by Fracktail]...ouch!"

Susumu: "Hang on players! This is gonna get bumpy!"

[Fracktail tries to blast the riders.]

[Susumu is getting chased by Keel Sark while escaping Dr. Manhole's fortress]


[Keel gets blasted by Fracktail along with the drill]

[The drill explodes]

Keel: "I was hoping by overeasy!"

[Keel falls off]

[The Drill Master loses power]

Susumu: "Wataru we lost power! Take off your seatbelts and use Rosalina's wand!

Wataru: "WAND POWER!!!!"

[The wand makes the rocket work again]

Susumu: "Uh oh."

[They are gonna land on earth.]

Wataru: "Uh Susumu why is there a green pipe?"

Susumu: "Get ready for the Mushroom Kingdom Wataru!"

Wataru: "Okay! Whatever you say! AAAAAGH!!!"

[They go into the green pipe]

[They get sent to Mushroom Kingdom]

Luigi: "Mario look!"

Mario: "Woah! a flying paratroopa rocket! Here paratroopa! WOAH!!!

[Mario blocks Susumu's front view.]

Mario: "GOTCHA!!!"

Susumu: "Hey! I can't see!"

[Susumu's drill goes around Peach's Castle.]

Mario: "Im bringing it around town!"

[Susumu goes to Mushroom Kingdom village]

Mario: "Hello Toads! Hello Daisy!"

[Mario crashes into a sign]

Mario: "Morning Toadsworth! Daisy your so....AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

[Susumu's Drill crashes into The Mushroom Kingdom Restaurant]

Chef Toad: "Mario! My customers!"

[Susumu's Drill goes into the pipe that leads back to Susumu's House]

Mario: "Come Back! Mama Mia!"

[Susumu, Puchi, and Wataru are back home]

Susumu: "See that Wataru? Back home safe & sound!"

Wataru: "Now I have to wait for my pants to dry cause if they don't I get a...."

[Dr. Manhole crashes into Susumu's House]

Susumu, Puchi, and Wataru: "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Dr. Manhole: "You may have killed Keel Sark Susumu! But you ruin the day you shall be!

[Dr. Manhole steals the Remote from Susumu and Locks Susumu in a Bubble]

Dr. Manhole: "Prepare to meet your worst nightmare!"

[Dr. Manhole is making the riders do the Chicken Dance]


Susumu: "Wataru! Do something!"

Wataru: "I cant Susumu! The rhythms got me! Besides what can I do?"

Susumu: "Rosalina's Wand!"

Wataru: "Ah! Yeah! Super power laser Susumu!"

[Wataru gives Susumu laser power]

[Susumu blasts Dr. Manhole with laser and gets freed from the bubble]

Dr. Manhole: "Oh Poo!"

Susumu: "Nice shot Wataru!"

Wataru: "Uh thanks Susumu! Check this out! Luma, Luma, Luma Luma."

[Wataru is poofing lots of Lumas]

Susumu: "Well players! have a safe trip! Drill it on!"

[The Giant metal Door closes]

Wataru: "Luma, Luma, Luma!"

Susumu: "Wataru!"

Post-Ride Transcript

[The guests leave.]

Intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen, please take all of your personal belongings and bags with you!"


List of arcade games found in Mr. Driller's Namtendo Blast


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