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Mr. Driller


Drillimation Studios




Hiroshi Takajima


Hideo Yoshizawa


Go Shiina


Mr. Driller


Arcade, NES/Famicom, Microsoft Windows, Super Nintendo/Famicom

Release Date(s)

Soft Release
WW December 1985
Official Release
JP February 1986
NA May 1986
EU September 1986
SNES/Super Famicom
JP January 1994
NA April 1994
EU June 1994


Driller Engine 1
Driller Engine 2 (SNES version)


Puzzle RPG

"I'd say this would typically be a beginner's RPG, because it introduces the basics on how to play one."
Hiroshi Takajima, upon introducing the SNES version

Mr. Driller is a 1986 puzzle role-playing video game developed by Drillimation Studios and published by Namco. The game was soft released in December 1985 before being officially released in 1986. A remake for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1994.


Players assume the role of Susumu Hori on a quest to retrieve the four crystals that members of Team Ankoku stole. Players explore places such as caves, grassy plains, and temples to solve objectives given to them by characters.

Playable characters

Track listing

Track No. Song Name Cover of Play Download
1 Prelude Prelude from Final Fantasy File:FF1prelude.ogg
2 Prologue
3 Overworld
4 Fighting Monsters Battle Scene from Final Fantasy

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