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Mr. Driller Party 10 is a video game released dy Driller TV, Inc. It is inspired by the 2015 game Mario Party 10.

Team Driller

  • Susumu Hori
  • Wataru Hoshi
  • Puchi
  • Taizo Hori
  • Anna Hottenmeyer
  • Ataru Hori
  • Toby Masuyo

Team Ankoku

  • Dr. Manhole (Playable on Dr. Manhole Party Only)
  • Keel Sark (A Non-Playable Character who Gives Dr. Manhole one of the Dice Blocks)
  • Team Ankoku Armies
  • King Empty Jay's Army


Mr. Driller Party Mode

The Mr. Driller Party Mode is a mode where Team Driller has to collect Drill Gems and compete on Minigames and win the biggest Drill Gem.

Dr. Manhole Party Mode

This mode is different from The Mr. Driller Party Mode, It includes Dr. Manhole competing against Team Driller with his multiple ankoku dices, The goal for Dr. Manhole is to deplete all the players lives and Dr. Manhole wins! and if Team Driller gets to the Drill Gem then they win!

Board Games

  • Drill Land
  • Haunted Drill Woods
  • Drilling Sea
  • Drill Skyway
  • Dr. Manhole's Castle
  • Mima's Castle (DLC)

Mid-Boss Battles

  • Kowars/Kowaasu (Drill Land)
  • Amy Brinks (Haunted Drill Woods)
  • Eguri Hatakeyama (Drilling Sea)
  • Ryan Brinks (Drill Skyway)
  • Keel Sark (Dr. Manhole's Castle)
  • Marisa Kirisame (Mima's Castle) (DLC)

Boss Battles

  • Toby-Kun (Drill Land)
  • Team Ankoku Army #1 (Haunted Drill Woods)
  • King Empty Jay (Drilling Sea)
  • Team Ankoku Army #2 (Drill Skyway)
  • Dr. Manhole (Dr. Manhole's Castle)
  • Mima (Mima's Castle) (DLC)

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