Ms Chauntel


January 13, 1977




MarioLeopoldSam's version

Ms Chauntel (also known as Miss Chauntel or Judge Chauntel) is a teacher at GoCity High School. She played a major role in the Shinji Gets Grounded Christmas Special where she handed out a lot of behavior cards. She is known as being a fair teacher who always tries to see the best in her students and encourages them to work hard.

Some of her famous students include Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Sakurada. Some users consider her a troublemaker and have shown her getting grounded .

She was later promoted to the role of judge. Her first case was the trial of Jodi Arias .

Judge Chauntel has a vendetta against admins of the GoAnimate Extended Wiki and will be punishing them accordingly.

She might be a troublemaker on Oliverwestern's videos.