Muqri The Animator 2006 is a user on YouTube that makes GoAnimate Videos, He Lives in Malaysia

His Youtube Career

Round 1 (December 13th 2016 - May 31st 2017)

Muqri4114 First joined Youtube on December 2016, But most people hated him (Well they still hate him to this day), He also has a Music Channel named "Muqri4114 -Song Official" His Music Channel was created on June 5th 2017, and Uploaded 9 Videos, The 1st Video was the music channel trailer and it got more Dislikes then Likes, The Others are Ultraman Openings and Endings Created with Windows XP Movie Maker (Although he has Windows 10) as you see in His Music Channel's about page, He exposed his old Email. on April 2017, He Bashed on Justin's current opinion on Susie Carmichael and Said the F Word to Justin., on August 29th 2017, he reopened His 1st channel but he close it on September 15th 2017.

Round 2 (June 1st 2017-August 28th 2017)

on May 2017 he came back as "Muqri4114 is Back", he told Ashton Jean to Shut Up for having a opinion on Michael The GoAnimate when Ashton hated Michael The GoAnimate Guy. but on July 2017, he either closed his account or got terminated, he changed his username to Muqri4114 The Video Animator and changed his usernamed again to Muqri The Video Animator on August 2017 On around August, He got Terminated.

Round 3 (August 29th 2017-September 15th 2017) (used His 1st Channel) [See Round 1]

on August 29th 2017, he came back as "Muqri The Video Animator is Back, he either reopened his 1st channel or made another channel, on September 15th 2017, He closed his account.

Round 4 (September 24th 2017-October 31st 2017)

On September 24th 2017, he came back as Muqri The Video Animator, on October 31st 2017, He got Hacked by Chickenwolf127EXE

Round 5 (October 31st 2017-present)

Muqri changed his Password to be honest on his Account from Round 4.

Grammar Issues

Well as Muqri claim that he has Good Grammar when He Really has Bad Grammar, He called his Haters "Hatedoms" for some reason.

Former Names

  • Muqri4114
  • Muqri4114 is Back
  • Muqri4114 The Video Animator
  • BullyScholarshipEditionFan2017
  • Muqri The Video Animator is Back
  • Muqri The Video Animator


Muqri4114 has been getting alot of Hate by Other People, and his fans attack Muqri's Haters for no reason such as Making Hate Videos out of Muqri Haters (Muqri Haters make hate videos out of the fans) and More!, Muqri Haters mainly rant on him.