Possible NDCP Logo, the logo is most likely stolen from another group with the same acronym as well as mostly consist of adults unlike GoAnimate's NDCP, whose members are mostly preteens.

The NDCP (short for Night Day Cartoon Police; Not to be confused with the NDCP) is a group made for making Internet peace and preventing wars. It's second purpose is to stop cyberbullying and abusive people like the VGCP, UTTP and EDCP do.

This group was established by Mark & Luke V on October 31st, 2015, unfortunately the group became immature, in fact like the VGCP, EDCP, IGUA, OWN, LDCP, HGUA, NSHV, TJTF, MP, and TEIT, they are not real polices at all, and only say they are to get attention, there are sockpuppet accounts that joined the NDCP that are racist and most NDCP members are underage.

List of Night Day Cartoon Police members

  • LloydTheFanDude2015 (founder, leader)
  • LukeTheGreenNeonCoolGuy2000 (co-founder, leader)
  • AdultMallCW GundamMode (co-leader)
  • Almir Velovic (co-leader)
  • AOTFanatic 25000 (co-leader)
  • Conor The Animator (co-leader)
  • DavidTheAnimater (co-leader)
  • isadave0403 (co-leader)
  • Jakob Rotman (co-leader)
  • Joaquin&LucasFTWGeorgia&YoutubeWarsFTL (co-leader)
  • Joe Meister (co-leader)
  • KonataFan2004 (co-leader)
  • Max Corpus (co-leader)
  • Aislinn Shaw-Eisemann
  • ChloeTheFanGirl NDCP
  • Bernie Sanders
  • AviciiFan172
  • Brie Damron

Formal NDCP Members

  • Sonya Lee AVGCP NODD NDCP (retired in April 5, 2017 because she wants to be a friend of Inez Thomas)
  • Christian Adams (retired due to the group being immature)
  • ShizukaIsCutie (retired to join the Action Team Force)
  • Seriena Damron (since November 7, 2015; due to the fact that her avatar appears to be impersonating Kirby Loopsy)
  • Brie Damron
  • Jacob V Missingo101 NDCP (terminated in september 6 2016)
  • Sonic2000 AUTTP AVGCP NDCP (retired due to leaving the goanimate community)
  • TuneFTWGunFTL EDCP AUTTP NDCP (terminated on november 10 2016)