Naked Thoughts is the 33rd episode of GoGang Junior


It opens with a prank war between TGB1 and James, the last prank James is going to do involves him using a cane to pull thegoldenbrick1 off the edge into the TV room, however it backfires and rips thegoldenbrick1's clothes completely off. TGB1 then has to sneak back to his wardrobe room without being seen by the others. Several times, he narrowly avoids being seen. When he gets back to the wardrobe room, it's locked. He then goes to James and steals his clothes as a punishment. James then chases around TGB1, but the others spot them and laugh at them. James doesn't take too kindly to this, and he rips off Igor's clothes, who in turn takes off IA's apparel, who then removes KK's attire. Eventually, all of them start chasing each other with clothes. Pingy, Carkle, and Sophie don't wear clothes (they're 2 animatronics and an otter, respectively), but the chase looks fun, so they join in. However, The Nanny walks in on them. The episode ends with her staring at them in a surprised manner.



  • This is the first time in the series a character was naked.