Nighttime Problems is the 52nd episode of GoGang Junior.


The kids decide to stay up late during nighttime, but suddenly, they hallucinate stuff they do not see in reality.


  • Igor
  • TGB1
  • Pingy
  • Sophie
  • James
  • Carkle
  • KingKool
  • Chrome
  • IA
  • Cody
  • Mordecai
  • Peanut and Jelly
  • Oliverwestern
  • The Goblin (Hallucination Only)
  • Phifedawg (Hallucination Only)
  • The Vacuum Cleaner (Hallucination Only)
  • Mario (Hallucination Only)
  • The Blanket Monster (Hallucination Only)
  • PAC-MAN (Hallucination Only)
  • Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde (Hallucination Only)
  • Nightmare Animatronics (Hallucination Only)


[We open up to the kids watching TV]

Igor: So, what should we watch next guys?

TGB1: SpongeBob?

Sophie: Ed, Edd and Eddy?

Chrome: Pokémon?

James: (inaudible gibberish)

Carkle: My Little Pony?

Igor: We're watching Drake and Josh.

All: OK.

Pingy: Or how about we go outside and stay up late?

TGB1: Isn't it the same thing? We're still staying up.

Pingy: Well, let's play outside in nighttime.

KingKool: Let me go get my BMX from the garage first.

Sophie: It sounds like fun, but it's dark and I always go to sleep by 9-ish.

Pingy: Oh come on, Sophie! It'll be fun!

Sophie: Fun! Yay! I love fun!

[The kids gather what they want and go outside to play]

[We see a montage of the kids playing and having fun]

[We fade to the kids, exhausted from playing]

Igor: I'm hungry. My stomach's rumbling!

Pingy: Let's get something to eat guys!


[The kids go to the GoCity Quik Mart, a 7-11-type store]

[The clock in the store says 10:30]

[The kids minds are beginning to play tricks on their heads due to sleep loss]

KIngKool:[picking up a cereal box] Let's buy this guys!

[KingKool imagines the cereal box turning into a goblin]

The Goblin: Eat Me.

KingKool:(Dropping the box) AHHHHHHH!

Sophie: (picks up a bag of gummy bears) "Or How about gummy bears?

[Sophie imagines the bag transforming into a large, yellow anthropomorphic blanket]

The Blanket Monster: Buy me, or else I WILL GOBBLE YOU UP GOOD! (he tries to munch Sophie's face)

Sophie: (tosses the bag across the room) HELP!

[Then, the kids hallucinate The Ghosts from PAC-MAN and PAC-MAN himself causing them to run into the woods]

[A discarded watch reads 11:45]

Igor: (panting) I think we should go home now.

All: Agreed.

[They finally arrive home]

[The clock reads 1:30]

Oliverwestern:(half asleep) What are you kids doing out of bed?

TGB1: We never were in bed, Oliver.

Oliverwestern: Wow you guys must be tired. Welp, I'm going back to bed now. (leaves)

IA: Oliver is probably right. We should get to bed now.

Pingy: Good Idea.