This article is about the Troublemaker version of Noddy. For the good version, see Noddy (Good Version).
Noddy (known as Noddy Smith in OliverWestern's videos) is an unruly boy who shares his name with the character from the show of
the exact same name.

He drives a car at only five years of age. Every wise person knows that it is a criminal offence for a person under the age of eighteen to drive a car.

Unfortunately, he had dragged the real Noddy's name through the mud, identifying himself as Noddy Smith. In GoAnimate, he is based on the upcoming 2016 version of Noddy. In OliverWestern's videos, he is based on Prisoner Cell Block H character Bea Smith, hence the surname.

What the inmates didn't know until later on in the OliverWestern series is that this version of Noddy is in fact Bea Smith in disguise.

Controversy beyond the GoAnimate community

Elites Scumbag Nostalgiatarded GoAnimate users decide to attack Noddy for his new look and for the real other reason, proving that they can't accept change AT ALL!!! They did it to the new VeggieTales, they did it to the new Bob the Builder, and now they did it to the new Noddy. When will they accept the changes?

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