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"Hey, to get famous you have to work hard at it, with years and years of dedication to what you want to be famous for. But to get infamous you just have to break a skull, simple as that. Want to be on the news? Do something dreadful. Don't even waste time and prepare it. That's what I do, and look at me! All over the news! Everyone cowers in fear over the thought of my name in big, bold lights! Nova!"
—Nova on the topic of fame

Nova is the primary antagonist of Chrome's Vacation and the one responsible for most of GoCity's chaos and trouble. He regularly communicates with "troublemakers" such as Caillou and Dora, giving them ideas on what to do next and acting as their guardian angel. He is also the reason why those troublemakers get ungrounded so quickly to cause more trouble again, because he brainwashes the parents into forgetting the entire incident, save for a couple of occasions.

He is a skilled murderer who owns an array of kitchen knives, with every knife being used for one of his victims. Over the course of billions of years, he has collected billions, possibly trillions of knives.


He appears as a yellow man wearing a black shirt with a strange symbol on the front, and a top hat and red bowtie.


"Oh! What a surprise, Chrome! Actually, not really. Nothing surprises me anymore. I've seen it all! World wars and all that. I'm getting off-topic, aren't I?"
"Ahahahahaha! It was only a matter of time before the ticking countdown. Now ta-ta."
"YOU want to make a deal with ME? OH JOY!"
—Nova to Chrome