Created by Igor, Chrome, IA and Sophie.

First Episode of Novazoid gets Grounded Series.


Novazoid has Hacked Igor, Sophie, Chrome and IA's Accounts and as a act of revenge, they ground Novazoid.


Diesel as Novazoid

Paul/Felipe as Igor the Mii and KIngKool720

Simon as Oliverwestern

Kayla as Sophie

Young Guy as IA, Pingy

Calie as Palutena

Julie as MC Adore

Brian as Mordecai and SimpleGuy1401


Novazoid: I'll hack people!

(Pingy is Seeing Novazoid Going to Hack With a Telescope)

Pingy: Oh no! I Gotta Tell This to Igor!

[Pingy Runs to Igor's Bedroom, Igor is Busy Talking to Palutena.]

Igor: What now, Pingy?

Pingy: Novazoid will hack us!

Igor and Palutena: OH NO!

Pingy: Im Right! I Know! And He is Gonna Come After Admins Especially Jamiem2001!

Igor: OH NOES!

[After Novazoid has hacked the users]

[Cut to the GoAnimate V2 HQ]

[Igor, Palutena and Pingy bash trough the doors.]

Igor: Guys!

Sophie: Yeah?

Igor: Look at the wiki.

[Sophie, Robbie, Carkle, IA and Oliverwestern look at recent activy, they're shocked and angry.]


Igor: It's the end of the Wiki!

Robbie: No, It isn't, Igor. we can combat against the hacker!

OliverWestern: Robbie is correct. If we can work together and warn other wikis that we work on, then as a team, we can kick Novazoid's ass for sure.

Igor: Yeah, That Sick Hacker should die anytime sooner.

[Renko makes a cameo]

Renko: to those who not aware, i'll be igor's girlfriend on The next project!

[renko walks away.]

Palutena: Ummm...

Igor: Hurr Durr, This won't be Good!

Mordecai: This what not good? I be- b- bet it-

Igor: UH?

Mordecai: Hurr durr.....

Igor: You copied my catchphrase...

Carkle: OK?

Igor: [Movie Trailer Voice] Soon. Novazoid will be grounded.

Palutena: By Who?

Igor: [Paul Voice] Us, Of course!

Palutena: Oh...

[The Gang Go to Novazoid's House.]

Novazoid's Mom: Hi Guys! Why you're here?

Igor: Novazoid is being a jerk and hacked our wiki!

Mordecai: Also he going to destory Wikia and false report on VSTF as well.

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