OfficerPoop247 (n.k.a GoThung247)AKA Anthony, was an Angry German Kid parodist since September 2013. He recently returned from almost a year of dormancy but as of July 19th 2015, he made a clear statement saying "I am done making Angry German Kid videos, including the AGK grounded series", as it's getting old and boring for him. Instead he makes GoAnimate grounded videos and some more instead of making AGK videos now. Since October 30, 2015, he got copyright strike for no reason. But, he made his own alternate channel named Not OfficerPoop247, but it's deleted. He made his own Plotagon account here. As of March 14th, 2016, he reached 28,271 subscribers.

He has a friend who makes Boris the teeth guy videos and his name is NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNo (MagnusOmegusFTWBorisTheTeethGuyFTL)

On July 24th 2016 He Started to make Boris The Teeth Guy Videos as a tribute of NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNo as he quits youtube and all of his boris the teeth guy videos deleted. And he also makes a video that he Recorded one of NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNo's videos And he only recorded a few when NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNo Quits Youtube on June 20th 2016., then he came back on May 2017 he changed his username is Go!Thung247


Pokemon, Mario, Eric, Paul, VCR's, etc


Bad users, baby shows, Funai made products


  • He got hated by lots of people
  • OfficerPoop247 came up with his username is 7th Grade
  • He Makes Grounded Videos out of Baby Show Characters

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