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This article is about the grounded series. For the user, see Oliverwestern (user).

OliverWestern: The Series is a grounded series created by OliverWestern himself. So far he has created 26 Episodes, but the user is considering creating more.

A running gag in the OliverWestern series is that fake technical faults forces the characters to say either "Oh" or "Grounded" multiple times, albeit unintentionally.

Each series has a different name, consisting of a different number of episodes, as you can see below.

Cast (in no particular order)

Protagonists (Good Guys)

ITV Krypton Boys and GoGang

  • Mikester Hall (Duncan (3-8) -> Simon (9-))
  • Benj Shephard (Brian (3-))
  • Will "OliverWestern" Kinsella (Brian/Simon (1-8) -> Simon (9-))
  • Liam "Prezo" Prescott (Brian (3-))
  • David Chisnall (Duncan (23-))

Nintendo Gang

  • Mario (Brian (2-))
  • Luigi (Duncan (2-))
  • Princess Peach (Catherine (2-))
  • Princess Daisy (Elizabeth (2-))
  • Princess "Rosetta" Rosalina (Amy (2-))
  • Toad (Ivy (5-))
  • Toadette (Ivy (5-))
  • Blue Toad (Ivy (19-))
  • Yellow Toad (Ivy (22-))
  • Pauline (Belle (12-))
  • Shauna (Kalya (100-))


  • Veena Marquez (Veena (1-))
  • Cole Marquez (Simon (1-))
  • Juanita "Abuela" Marquez (Kimberly (4-9) -> Amy (10-))
  • Boris Anderson (Brian (10-))
  • Doris Anderson (Julie (10-))
  • Alan Cook (Alan (6-))
  • Firestar (Joey (90-))
  • Simon Etamina (Simon (19-))
  • Brian Etamina (Kidaroo (2) -> Brian (3-))
  • Kimberly Etamina (Kimberly (4-))

Prison Officers

  • Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett (Grace (11-))
  • Meg Jackson-Morris (Elizabeth (14-))
  • Marty Jackson (Brian (14-))
  • Dennis Cruikshank (Simon (14-))

Scooby Gang

  • Freddy Jones (Dallas (2-12)/Joey (4) -> Paul (13-))
  • Daphne Blake (Belle (2-9) -> Julie (10-))
  • Velma Dinkley (Ivy (2-))
  • Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (Steven (2-5) -> Eric (6-))
  • Scooby Doo (Steve (10-))


  • Igor the Mii (Paul (33-))
  • Carkle (Eric (33-))
  • RobbiePwns135 (Paul/Brian (33-))
  • Mordecai Peterson (Brian (33-))
  • CoolGamer23 (Zack (50-))
  • Pingy Animatronic (Young Guy (33-))
  • TheChromePerson (Young Guy (33-))
  • James Animator (Young Guy (33-))
  • Slippy V (Alan (10) -> Professor/Brian (50-))
  • Irina the Mii (Julie (100-))
  • Zion Mathis (Young Guy/Brian (100-))
  • MarioLeopoldSam Roblox (Brian (102-))

Animé Gang

  • Hatsune Miku (Emma (100-))
  • Rin (Julie (100-))
  • Len (Young Guy (100-))
  • Patchouli Knowledge (Jennifer (100-))

Sonic Gang

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Young Guy (42-))
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Joey (42-))
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Wiseguy (42-))
  • Amy Rose the Hedgehog (Salli (42-))

Easter Eggs

  • TheColossalD (non-speaking role)
  • Alex Kimble (non-speaking role)
  • Erica Davidson (Mentioned)

Antagonists (Troublemakers)

Retro Troublemakers

  • Wario (Diesel (6-))
  • Waluigi (Dave (6-))
  • Dora Marquez (Kalya (1-))
  • Noddy Smith (David (1-)/Joey (2-5))
  • Caillou Anderson (Joey (1) -> Evil Genius (2-))
  • Daillou Anderson (Evil Genius (20-))
  • Barney Rex (Diesel (10-13))
  • Postman Patrick Clifton (Dallas (4-5) -> Dave (6-9) -> Paul (10-))
  • Robert "Bob the Builder" Gaffney (Young Guy (15-))
  • Fred Talbot (Brian (15-))
  • Chris Hall (Brian (23-))
  • Warren Cook (Brian (6-13; 27-))
  • Diesel Warner (Diesel (22-))
  • Joan "The Freak" Ferguson (Grace (16-99))
  • Lizzie Birdsworth (Grace (16-))
  • Dee Dee Desmond (Princess (19-))
  • Lee Lee Leech (Kendra (19-))
  • Mee Mee Mason (Salli (19-))
  • Scrappy Doo (Wiseguy (10-))
  • Flim Flam (Young Guy (10-))

New Troublemakers

  • Phifedawg (David (33-40, 101))
  • Justin Bieber (Brian (51-))
  • Frieda "Franky" Doyle (Kendra (52-57))
  • Ann Yates (Grace (54-))
  • Bea Smith (Grace (55-))
  • Fora Marquez (Kalya (58-))
  • Darren Cook (Brian (58-))
  • Rachel Winter (Grace (58-))
  • Rogi Iim (Paul (58-))
  • Rameg Looc Bryant (Zack (58-))
  • Jock Stewart (Lawrence (58))
  • Chrissie Latham (Grace (60-64))

Bad Guys turned Good

  • Nrestew Revilo (Simon (68-))
  • Ttocserp Mail (Brian (82-))
  • Llah Leahcim (Duncan (76-))
  • Drahpehs Neb (Brian (71-))
  • Dier Annasus (Amy (71-))

Newer Troublemakers

  • Nitsua Kram (Simon (71-))
  • Snikpoh Eitak (Ivy (71-))
  • Joms Anmehtur (Young Guy (84-))
  • Belson Noles (Brian (91-))
  • Tigerstar (Eric (90-))
  • Darkstripe (Eric (90-))
  • Thistleclaw (Steven (90-))
  • Brokenstar (David (90-))
  • Hawkfrost (David (90-))
  • Mapleshade (Grace (90-))
  • Breezepelt (Steven (90-))

Requested Troublemakers

  • Springtrap (Eric (104-))
  • Golden Freddy Bear (David (104-))
  • Yandere-chan (Princess (104-))
  • Mima Mitsuhotaru (Jennifer (104-))
  • Zatsune Miku (Emma (104-))

Easter Eggs

  • MarioLeopoldSam Roblox (OliverWestern's version of MLS R, non-speaking role)


Series 1: Dora gets Grounded: This first series, consisting of nine episodes, concentrate on Dora Marquez getting grounded for a variety of reasons involving unruly behaviour.

Series 2: Troublemakers: This series is six episodes long. It concentrates on a majority of troublemakers stupidly misbehaving. It also serves as a sneak-peek for Barnhurst.

Series 3: Barnhurst: This series, as the title suggests, concentrates mainly on Barnhurst, consisting of eleven episodes. It's also known outside the UK as Barnhurst Prison. Tragedy strikes in its series finale. 

Series 4: Barnhurst Grounded: The series begins where the last series left off, and consists of fifteen episodes. After reviving the Barnhurst Prisoners, they're in for some dark times. Four members of the GoGang are introduced

Series 5: Barnhurst Strikes Back: This series has twelve episodes. In this series, the screws get more nasty with the inmates, and OliverWestern's life is thrown in grave danger.

Series 6: Barnhurst Cell Block H: In this series, containg 11 episodes, we introuduce the home of the inmates within Barnhurst, H Block. More animals in an ever-growing zoo, thrils and spills await our screws in this series.

Series 7: Krypton Grounded: This series, which is twelve episodes long, gives our Barnhurst officers a well-earned break, and returns to the format from the first series.

Series 8: Krypton Grounded Returns: Even more troublemakers will be getting grounded for the silliest of reasons in this series. This is the smallest series consisting of only five episodes

Series 9: Barnhurst Returns: This series (consisting of eight episodes) will see a balance of both outside of Barnhurst, and inside of Barnhurst. Vera, Meg, Marty, and Dennis have new members of staff working there now (the GoGang), and the fun has only just begun.

Seies 10: Changing of the Guard: This series, consisting of ten episodes, will see a member of the GoGang go undercover as a Prisoner in Barnhurst to oust Joan Ferguson. This series was suggested by James the Animator.

Series 11: Super Krypton Grounded: This series will see the OliverWestern series celebrate its one hundredth episode. Many more troublemakers will experience thrills and spills in this series.

OliverWestern: Dora gets Grounded

Episode 1: Dora gets a Maths Question Wrong and gets Grounded: The very first episode of the OliverWestern series. Dora is sent to the principal's office for getting an answer wrong, but she finds herself getting suspended for a completely different reason altogether.

Episode 2: Dora and Friends get Grounded for Talking Smack: Mario, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina calm Luigi down with help from Freddy, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy. However, Dora, and her new friends, Noddy, and Caillou, use this as an opportunity to insult them.

Episode 3: Dora gets Grounded for Swearing in School: Dora causes trouble by giving her teacher the spelling for the word "piss", instead of "pea", and her day goes from bad to worse when she labels the entire class as "bastards".

Episode 4: Troublemakers get Grounded for Disrupting School: Freddy Jones of the Scooby Gang is forced to report the entire class to the principal, when the Troublemakers plan on misbehaving during an ICT lesson.

Episode 5: Dora gets Grounded for Grounding Princess Peach: Dora leaves the Nintendo Gang devastated, after she grounded Princess Peach for being a Nintendo fan. What Dora did not know was the fact that Mario had Cole's number stored on his cell phone.

Episode 6: Dora gets a Detention and gets Grounded: Freddy Jones is forced to own up to his past, when Dora arrives late for school. Freddy's confession results in Dora getting a detention alongside five other Troublemakers.

Episode 7: Dora gets Grounded for Getting into Dead Meat: OliverWestern hands out behaviour cards to the entire class based on their behaviour. Five colours are shown on-screen, and the other five are off-screen. OliverWestern fumes when Dora realises that she got the Dead Meat card.

Episode 8: Dora gets Grounded for Making a Fake VHS Opening: Dora is frustrated with OliverWestern for giving her the Dead Meat card and creates a fake VHS opening in revenge, but her act of revenge backfires after Warren Cook accidentally walks in on her.

Episode 9: Dora gets Grounded for Grounding Ben: Dora attemps to get revenge on OliverWestern again, this time by grounding Ben. However, she is caught, and scolded, by Liam, who witnessed the whole thing, and reported her to her parents.

OliverWestern: Troublemakers

Episode 10: Troublemakers get Grounded for Getting Mario Arrested: The Troublemakers deliberately get Mario arrested after they told the police that it was a crime to be a Nintendo fan. But it's thanks to police work that Mario gets the last laugh!

Episode 11: Scrappy Doo and Flim Flam gets Grounded: Vera Bennett (a.k.a. Vinegar Tits) gets help from Mario inducting the Troublemakers into the prison, but she scolds Scrappy Doo and Flim Flam for killing Vincent van Ghoul, and how lucky they are that Freddy paid the bail for the both of them.

Episode 12: Troublemakers get Grounded for Escaping Barnhurst Prison: The Troublemakers escape from Barnhurst Prison thinking their plan had worked. What they didn't know was that it was all a clever trick by both Vera, and Pauline.

Episode 13: Troublemakers get Grounded for starting the Barnhurst Riot: The Troublemakers want to get Vera Bennett fired and attempt to do so by having a riot. But their plan had backfired as a direct result of an unthinkable tragedy.

Episode 14: Caillou Anderson gets Grounded for Talking Smack: Vera, with help from three new officers (Meg Jackson-Morris, Marty Jackson, and Dennis Cruikshank) punish the remaining prisoners for their part in the riot. Caillou, however, thinks otherwise.

Episode 15: Barnhurst gets Two New Prisoners: Fred Talbot and Robert Gaffney (Bob the Builder) scare the students into finding a safe hiding space in school, but this turns out to be a trap cleverly set up by the Nintendo Gang.

OliverWestern: Barnhurst

Episode 16: Joan Ferguson gets Grounded: Joan Ferguson (otherwise known as The Freak) throws a tantrum in Barnhurst, after being found guilty of corruption, and her bad mood is made worse when Lizzie Birdsworth deliberately gets herself sent to Barnhurst.

Episode 17: Flim Flam gets Grounded: Scrappy Doo and Flim Flam decide to cause trouble at school. Although Freddy successfully prevents the two from misbehaving, unfortunately, it lands him in hot water for stealing the teacher's job.

Episode 18: Caillou Anderson gets Grounded for Losing his Parole: Caillou loses his parole, after Flim Flam accidentally lagged on him for having gay sex with Fred Talbot, much to the amusement of the prisoners.

Episode 19: Trouble at the Halfway House: Dora is sent to the Halfway House as a reward for good behaviour. There, she meets Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, all three of them cause trouble by leaving the Halfway House without Simon Etamina's permission.

Episode 20: Daillou gets Grounded for Framing Caillou: Daillou is finally sent to prison, after Freddy Jones cleverly tricked Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee into talking smack, leading to Daillou stupidly confessing to his crimes.

Episode 21: A Bad Day for Noddy Smith: Noddy gets off to a bad start after picking a fight with Joan Ferguson, but his day goes from bad to worse, for instead of accepting the punishment, he started a swearing contest with Joan Ferguson right in front of the prison officers.

Episode 22: Daillou Anderson gets Grounded: Diesel Warner robs a four-pinter from the grocery store, but is caught after meeting up with Daillou, who had escaped from Barnhurst. Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, are also inducted as prisoners.

Episode 23: Chris Hall gets Grounded: This episode serves as a filler for Episode 24. Chris Hall sabotages the shifts in hoping to get more air-time than his brother, Mike. His plan backfires when he gets caught out by Liam.

Episode 24: Dee Dee gets Grounded for Holding Chris Hall Hostage: Diesel scolds Daillou for getting him sent to Barnhurst. Chris Hall visits Vera Bennett for a News report, but unfortunately, this turned out to be a trapped set by the prisoners.

Episose 25: Prisoners get Grounded for Getting into Dead Meat: The prisoners get behaviour colour cards based on how they behaved in prison. These are handed out by Mario. Noddy and Daillou received a right royal telling off by the officers, after getting into Dead Meat.

Episode 26: Troublemakers get Executed: Marty informs the prisoners to remain where they are whilst they have a meeting outdoors, but tragedy strikes when the four prison officers are forced to flee the building, leaving the prisoners behind.

OliverWestern: Barnhurst Grounded

Episode 27: Dora and Caillou gets Grounded for Reviving the Barnhurst Prisoners: Diesel, Dora, and Caillou, meet up for the first time since being released from Barnhurst, and Diesel asks them to lay a reef for the fallen prisoners. Dora and Caillou do so, but unfortunately, they accidentally revive the Barnhurst Prisoners, to the delight of Diesel, and the anger of both Warren Cook, and their parents.

Episode 28: Diesel Warner gets Grounded for... Getting Grounded?!: Yes, you read that correctly. Diesel Warner is in a bad mood after losing his Wii U for tricking Dora and Caillou into reviving the Barnhurst Prisoners. He causes trouble in school, only to get grounded by the principal for pooing all over the bathroom floor.

Episode 29: Patrick Clifton vs Robert Gaffney: Mario is standing in for Marty Jackson, who is receiving medical help for depression. Postman Pat and Bob the Builder end up in a massive fight after an argument spiraled out of control. Luckily, Luigi and Dennis stop them, and sends the both of them to the Governor's office.

Episode 30: Marty Jackson's Revenge: Diesel and Dora attempt to knock out Meg Jackson while teaching the students how to stay out of prison. Witnessing the whole event, Marty becomes angry, but decides not to kill him. Instead, he enlists the help of the Nintendo Gang to get his revenge: to have Diesel, and Dora, sent back to Barnhurst!

Episode 31: Flim Flam Escapes from Barnhurst and gets Grounded: Diesel and Dora are feeling down, after Marty Jackson and the Nintendo Gang successfully got their revenge on them. But Diesel is being naughty, for instead of staying out of trouble, he helps Flim Flam escape from Barnhurst. But Flim Flam's luck runs out when he bumps into a reformed Scrappy Doo, who reports him with the help of Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Freddy.

Episode 32: Fred Talbot gets Grounded for Having Gay Sex: After being sent back to Barnhurst, Flim Flam is in a foul mood and wants to have fun. Fred Talbot uses this as an opportunity to get Flim Flam into bed with him. Much to delight of Meg, Marty, and the other inmates, Vera scolds the two of them for having gay sex under the bed sheets.

Episode 33: Phifedawg gets Grounded for Creating the Shinji gets Grounded Series: Phifedawg decides to cause anger among the GoAnimate realm by creating the Shinji gets Grounded series. The GoGang find out about this and report him to the police, but they scold him by telling him how much they hate him first. MarioLeopoldSam Roblox is so angry, he is unable to speak.

Episode 34: Phifedawg Meets his Match: Phifedawg is inducted into Barnhurst as Phifedawg Wickdood, and he plans on hacking into the prison system. However, in a twist that leaves the inmates shocked with disbelief, Joan Ferguson lags on him and exposes his plan to the officers.

Episode 35: Troublemakers get Grounded for Pooing on the Floor: The Troublemakers are on their day release and decide to cause havoc on school grounds. Their plans, however, badly backfire after one of them decides to poo all over the bathroom floor, resulting in RobbiePwns135 of the GoGang to call their parents, while the rest of the GoGang hide in the classroom to laugh and giggle at the unruly Troublemakers.

Episode 36: A Bad Day for Phifedawg: The inmates, Phifedawg in particular, are seething from getting grounded by their legal guardians. Phifedawg attemps to take over as Top Dog from Joan Ferguson by calling her The Freak and threatening to join Islamic State, but his day is made worse when he is caught out by Vera Bennett.

Episode 37: Caillou Ungrounds Shinji and gets Ungrounded: Fed up with being grounded all the time, Caillou tries to think of a plan of how to get himself ungrounded. His chance to do so comes sooner than expected when Daillou escapes from Barnhurst by faking an illness. Caillou uses Daillou's stupidity as his only chance to unground Shinji, and have Daillou sent back to Barnhurst.

Episode 38: Diesel gets Grounded for Getting into Dead Meat: In Barnhurst, the inmates go through a behaviour card process to see whether or not they are paroled. Diesel berates the system, until Flim Flam reminds him that this got him paroled last time. When Igor the Mii passes out the behaviour cards, none of them had recieved parole, to Igor's delight, and Diesel is devastated to learn he got into Dead Meat.

Episode 39: Shinji's Revenge: Phifedawg is angry with Igor for not granting him parole, and decides to get revenge on the GoGang by hacking into the computer systems and create even more "Shinji gets Grounded" videos. However, he gets the shock of his life when his visitor is Shinji himself and he exposes Phifedawg's true colours in front of the prisoners. As a direct result, a disgraced Phifedawg is forced to pack his boxes immediately.

Episode 40: Bye Bye Phifedawg: A disgraced Phifedawg is forced to go to the Tina Diesel Detention Center, after the courts find him guilty of breaching security. Meanwhile, at Krypton High School, a disgraced Waluigi is forced to stay behind for detention, after he skipped class to play with himself in the girls' bathroom, only to be caught red handed by Pauline, and a brand new Troublemaker.

Episode 41: Barnhurst Prisoners get Ungrounded for Cancelling the Shinji gets Grounded Series: The prisoners are struggling to cope with the full extent of Shinji's revelation, and feel like giving up. But Diesel Warner told them that they should get the "Shinji gets Grounded" cancelled. After careful planning, the inmates carefully used the password Diesel gave them, and put their plan to work. The plan works successfully, and the inmates have their sentences slashed in half as a reward.

OliverWestern: Barnhurst Strikes Back

Episode 42: The Wario, the Waluigi, and the Sonic Gang: The Sonic Gang, consisting of Sonic, best friend Tails, on-again-off-again-friend Knuckles, and girlfriend Amy, are inducted into Krypton High School, to the delight of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. Trouble soon leaves both Mario and Sonic gangs in a fit of giggles when Wario wets himself, after Waluigi accidentally scared him, thinking he was Bowser. Needless to say, Igor of the GoGang gave Wario and Waluigi a stern telling off for this when they got home.

Episode 43: Troublemakers get Grounded for Getting their Teacher Arrested: Troublemakers Dora, Caillou, Warren Cook, Dee Dee, Lee Lee, Mee Mee, Diesel Warner, and Flim Flam (the latter five were paroled off-screen in Episode 42) are fed up with their teacher sending them to the principle's office and gets the teacher arrested. But the Troublemakers got more than what they bargained for when the teacher turns out to be part of the Nintendo Gang.

Episode 44: OliverWestern's Darkest Hour: OliverWestern is still fuming with the troublemakers for their recent behaviour, and spends the night trying to comfort Mario's hurt feelings. The next morning, however, OliverWestern tried to get the attention of his three housemates, Mike, Ben, and Liam, but they were too busy speaking about the school. He then tries with his other friends, but with the same result. Feeling lonely and hurt, OliverWestern goes back home to pack his bags, and he then leaves the city, leaving behind a note for his friends.

Episode 45: Krypton Crisis - Part 1: Mike, Ben, and Liam begin to worry when OliverWestern does not turn up for the meeting. After pointing out that he never misses a single meeting, they ask the Nintendo Gang for help finding him. Worried for OliverWestern's safety, Mario asks Sonic and Igor to have their respective gangs help them out. Mike, Ben, and Liam make it to OliverWestern's house, only to find out too late that he had left the city.

Episode 46: Krypton Crisis - Part 2: The Nintendo Gang struggle to come to terms with reality, after finding out that OliverWestern had left the city. The Principal of Krypton High School notices the GoGang, Mario, Sonic, and Scooby gangs looking down and miserable as a direct result of OliverWestern's departure. What they don't know is that OliverWestern had been kidnapped by Diesel Warner. Will the others find out about his kidnapping before it's too late?

Episode 47: Krypton Crisis - Part 3: Still thinking that OliverWestern left the city, Mike, and Ben are left badly traumatized, after they found out on the ITV News that he had in fact been kidnapped by Diesel Warner. Igor, Robbie, and Liam comforted the two, stressing that the incident was not their fault, and made a promise to find Diesel Warner, and rescue OliverWestern, knowing full well that it's now a race against time.

Episode 48: Krypton Crisis - Part 4: It is a race against time as the GoGang try and think of a plan. Liam tells the GoGang that he will look after Mike and Ben. The GoGang get all the clues needed, thanks to the Scooby Gang, and with Freddy's help, prepare the plan. The GoGang arrive at Diesel's location, and only just prevent OliverWestern from getting sexually assaulted. The GoGang later help a traumatized OliverWestern return home, where a tearful Mike, Ben, Liam, and Nintendo Gang were all waiting for him.

Episode 49: Diesel's Third Stretch at Barnhurst: The inmates at Barnhurst have sworn revenge against Diesel, after they heard about his latest crime on ITV News. Marty begins to worry as he does not want to induct Diesel Warner for a third consecutive time. Luckily, Dennis suggested that he induct Diesel instead, by claiming that it would trigger off Marty Jackson's anxiety attack. Vera and Meg were puzzled, but they still allow it. At the induction, Dennis tells him to stand on the line, but when he does, he lets Vera finish it off, resulting in Vera ripping into him, Vinegar Tits style!

Episode 50: Dee Dee gets Grounded for Getting into Dead Meat: CoolGamer23 (the new teacher) has the students prepared for behaviour card day. PC Guy, Dee Dee's legal guardian, warns her that if she got into dead meat, she would be grounded for 50 weeks. The GoGang are delighted when they get the Gold card, and are promoted to Teachers of Krypton High School as a reward for good behaviour, a pity the same couldn't be said for troublemaker Dee Dee. And her day is made worse when she finds out that Slippy V is the new principal.

Episode 51: Justin Bieber gets Grounded for Swearing: Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee are still reeling with anger, after Slippy V forced them to leave Krypton High School. But the three naughty girls enlist the help of Justin Bieber and have him hold the Nintendo Gang hostage at the school. Fearing for the Nintendo Gang's safety, Slippy V forces himself to lift the expulsion on them, but has Justin Bieber suspended as punishment for swearing.

Episode 52: Justin Beiber talks Smack and gets Grounded: Justin Bieber devises a plan to get Slippy V fired, after he got a week suspension for using the F word in school. He enlists the help of new troublemaker Frieda Doyle (a.k.a. Franky) to get revenge. However, Justin Bieber's plan fully backfires when he starts insulting the GoGang, after one of them accidentally points out that Franky is wanted for the murder of Vincent van Ghoul.

Episode 53: Prisoner Cell Block Hell for Franky Doyle: A disgraced Franky Doyle is forced to spend the rest of her life in Barnhurst, after being found guilty of Vincent van Ghoul's murder. Franky's day goes from bad to worse as she gets introduced to who will be her new number one enemy in top dog Joan Ferguson, who suggests putting Frankie in the cell with Fred Talbot in H block.

OliverWestern: Barnhurst Cell Block H

Episode 54: You're Nicked, Bieber: The inmates (the female ones in particular) scream in excitement when Justin Bieber gets arrested for criminal assault. But before that, they have a word with new prisoner Anne Rosemary Yates, who was inducted into Barnhurst alongside Franky Doyle in the previous episode. But a revelation will see Barnhurst turn upside down!

Episode 55: Who is the real Noddy Smith?: The officers are fuming with the police, after learning there is more than one Noddy Smith. And speaking of whom, the inmates try to comfort Noddy, after it turns out that he may be innocent of any wrong doing. After a thorough investigation by the Scooby Gang, it turns out that the Noddy Smith who committed the crimes was in fact Beatrice Alice Smith in disguise.

Episode 56: Queen Bea Strikes Back: Bea Smith is sentenced to 14 years in Barnhurst for perverting the courts of justice, much to the dismay of both Vera and Meg. Confused, Dennis and Marty asked Meg who Bea Smith was, and Meg explains the whole situation to them about her. In Barnhurst, Ferguson and Doyle try to ambush Bea, but Clifton lags on them to Bea, allowing her to become the new Top Dog of Barnhurst Prison.

Episode 57: Smell ya Later, Franky: Franky makes one last ditch attempt to topple Bea Smith as top dog. Unfortunately for Franky, this was the exact attention that Bea Smith wanted, and she makes sure that Franky loses her temper. Afterwards, she is forced to watch Anime and read Manga, as punishment. The next day, much to the delight of Joan Ferguson, the inmates watch with pleasure as both Justin Bieber and Franky Doyle are transferred to Wentworth.

Episode 58: Troublemakers get Grounded for Talking Smack: Justin Bieber is confirmed to have escaped from Wentworth, and meets up with some new troublemakers: Fora Marquez, Darren Cook, Rachel Winter, Rogi Iim, Remag Looc Bryant, and Jock Stewart. They deliberately start insulting the Nintendo Gang, but Justin's plans come to an abrupt end, after Warren Cook accidentally pushes Jock Stewart onto the floor and killing him, much to the delight of the GoGang.

Episode 59: Fred Talbot gets Grounded for Watching Porn: Fred Talbot escapes to the computer room, as Justin Bieber is grounded for escaping Wentworth by the officers. Unfortunately, Luigi gets knocked unconscious by Fred, who hacks into the computer system and watches gay porn. But Fred soon has some explaining to do to Vera Bennett when Igor catches him red-handed!

Episode 60: Marty Meets his Father's Killer: Chrissie Latham (one of the new Troublemakers) attemps to hold the Krypton Boys hostage, knowing full well that Marty Jackson has a link to them. But when she is sent to Barnhurst for her crimes, she comes across Barnhurst Prison officer Marty Jackson, who tells her that she must die for what she done to his father. When Meg finds out that Latham arrives, she immediately goes to find and comfort a badly traumatized Marty.

Episode 61: Get Knotted, Latham!: Marty Jackson goes through drastic lengths to avoid Chrissie Latham. It's only when Marty refuses to leave the Governor's Office does Dennis realise that Marty's father, Bill Jackson, was killed in the Wentworth Riot. Vera, who had always hated Latham for Bill Jackson's death, allows Marty to stay in her office, and Bea gives Latham a right proper bashing, with help of Joan Ferguson.

Episode 62: Ferguson's Revenge: Memories start flashing back on how Chrissie Latham made life hell for everyone when Chrissie introduces herself to the rest of the inmates. Joan Ferguson had not forgiven her for calling her "The Freak" back in the Wentworth days, and taunts her for her old days of being constantly sent to prison for prostitution. Chrissie tries to spit in Ferguson's face, but it is Ferguson who finally exacts her revenge, by burning Latham's hands in the press!

Episode 63: Latham's Last Stand: Chrissie Latham is plotting to get Ferguson transferred to Wentworth for burning her hands in the press. Wanting her out once and for all, Latham tells lies to the screws, claiming that Ferguson bashed Bea Smith. These lies anger Marty, making him want revenge, but walks away instead. Her plan backfires when she tries to falsely accuse Marty of rape. Vera comforts Marty, while Meg forces Latham to pack her boxes.

Episode 64: Rogi Iim gets Grounded: A disgraced Chrissie Latham was forced to leave Barnhurst for Wentworth, after trying to rape Marty. Meanwhile, back at Krypton High School, RobbiePwns135 tries to teach Mathematics when Rogi Iim starts misbehaving in class. Much to Rogi's dismay, Warren Cook scolds him for making a Fake VHS Opening during class. Needless to say, it results in him being suspended for a good two weeks.

OliverWestern: Krypton Grounded

Episode 65: Dora gets Grounded for Skipping School: Rogi Iim is still mad with Slippy V for giving him a two week suspension. But he is at least able to put that to one side when the students can't help but notice that she's not in school. That's because she instead goes to the Apple store to get herself an iPod.

Episode 66: Darren Cook gets Grounded for Making a Fake VHS Opening: Darren Cook wakes up wanting to be naughty. He decides to makes a Fake VHS Opening, but he does so under Warren Cook's name. And when OliverWestern finds out via the school computers, he informs the principal immediately. Will Slippy V be able to see through Darren Cook's dirty deeds?

Episode 67: Caillou gets Grounded for not Doing Homework: Warren Cook is still mad with Darren Cook for attempting to drag his name through the mud, though Caillou uses this as an opportunity to refuse to do his homework. Thinking that Caillou is a role model, Dora also refuses to do her homework, that is until Boris, Doris, Veena, and Cole arrive home.

Episode 68: Postman Pat gets Grounded: Patrick Clifton is struggling to adapt to life on the outside, after being paroled from Barnhurst. He meets up with Dora, Caillou, Flim Flam, Scrappy Doo, Darren Cook, Rogi Iim, and new troublemaker Nretsew Revilo. They send unruly letters to Slippy V, which were intended for OliverWestern, but Igor and Robbie catch them in the act and report all of them to their parents.

Episode 69: Nretsew Revilo gets Grounded: Nestrew Revilo is reeling from his last grounding for accidentally sending naughty letters to Slippy V. Nestrew decides to once again misbehave in school by writing swear words all over the chalk board, and pooing all over the classroom floor, to the delight of fellow Troublemaker Dee Dee.

Episode 70: Troublemakers get Grounded for Swearing In School: Troublemakers, old and new, are sick and tired of being told what to do by Slippy V, and Igor the Mii. They all decide to get revenge by targeting OliverWestern. But they soon get a detention slip from Mordecai when the Troublemakers start swearing in class, all of them having to spend time with RobbiePwns135, the Detention Teacher. Consequences soon follow up after they start swearing again during Detention.

Episode 71: Troublemakers get Grounded for talking smack to Mike Hall: New Troublemakers Snikpoh, Drahpehs, Dier, and Nitsua meet up with fellow troublemaker Chris Hall, and enter the ITV Studios within Krypton High School. There, they make Mike Hall feel depressed by talking smack to him, and they even insult Ben and OliverWestern too, to Liam's anger. Their bad behaviour continues until they are caught in the act by RobbiePwns135, and CoolGamer23.

Episode 72: Nitsua Kram and Chris Hall get Grounded for Skiving off Work: Chris Hall and Nitsua Kram want to cheer up Drahpehs, Dier, and Snikpoh, after they got grounded by Mordecai for being rude. They do this by refusing to go into work. This leaves Mike, Ben, OliverWestern, and Liam doing his work at ITV, but they're not angry about their naughtiness at all. They are, instead, very pleased with the extra duries, after David Chisnall tells them about the extra cash. Needless to say, Chris and Nitsua were severely told off by Mordecai.

Episode 73: Drahpehs Neb exposes MarioLeopoldSam Roblox and gets Ungrounded: Nitsua and Snikpoh are still reeling from their previous groundings for being naughty, and Drahpehs wasn't in a bright mood either. So he decides to get some fresh air, with Robbie's permission. When Drahpehs walks past the GoGang Head Quarters, he informs Igor and OliverWestern straight away, exposing MarioLeopoldSam Roblox's colours quite accidentally.

Episode 74: Snikpoh Eitak gets Grounded: A disgraced MarioLeopoldSam Roblox is forced to spend the rest of his life in Wentworth, after being found guilty of racial discrimination. Snikpoh Eitak uses this as an opportunity to write naughty words all over the school walls. She even goes as far as writing insults about Wentworth Detention Centre's Governor Erica Davidson. All goes well for her, until she gets caught by the GoGang.

Episode 75: Chris Hall gets Grounded once again: Chris Hall expresses sympathy for Snikpoh Eitak after she got grounded once again. Feeling frustrated, Chris Hall decides to sabotage ITV News in an attempt to throw Mike Hall and Ben Shephard off guard with help from Nretsew Revilo and Drahpehs Neb. But the three Troublemakers are caught out by David Chisnall before they even had a chance to pull their plan off, and lands them in extremely deep water with Mike Hall, Ben Shephard, and OliverWestern.

Episode 76: Llah Leahcim and Drahpehs Neb get Grounded: Nretsew Revilo and Drahpehs Neb are frustrated with David Chisnall for getting Chris Hall grounded. At Krypton High School, they meet new Troublemaker Llah Leahcim, who was transferred there for swearing. Upon hearing this, Drahpehs Neb instantly befriends him, but the pair instantly get into trouble when they start a swearing chain reaction in Igor's class.

OliverWestern: Krypton Grounded Returns

Episode 77: Dier Annasus gets Grounded for Flashing her Knickers: Drahpehs Neb and Llah Leahcim are still disappointed in themselves for getting grounded, and Drahpehs' girlfriend Dier finds out exactly what is upsetting them. Being a troublemaker, Dier decides to do something very naughty. She starts deliberately flashing her knickers off to the gentlemen, wooing all of the boys. But the fun ends when Ben Shephard walks in with OliverWestern, Mike Hall, and Igor the Mii.

Episode 78: Chris Hall gets Grounded for Being sent back to School: Chris Hall wakes up in a foul mood, and starts swearing at the GoGang. His mood goes from bad to worse when he finds out that Dier was grounded for flashing her knickers to the boys. In anger, Chris Hall goes commando and starts insulting David Chisnall. However, his brother (Mike Hall) sends him back to school, resulting in Mordecai telling him off on Mike's behalf.

Episode 79: Chris Hall gets Grounded for Assaulting the GoGang: The first of two episodes with a special appearance by Info-chan (voiced by Kimberly). Chris Hall is fuming with the GoGang for his previous grounding. Chris Hall decides that enough is enough and plans his revenge against the GoGang. He chooses Igor the Mii as his target for revenge, but his plan goes horribly wrong when he accidentally gives Info-chan life threatening injuries instead.

Episode 80: Chris Hall gets Grounded for Spitting on Info-chan: The second of two episodes with a special appearance by Info-chan (voiced by Kimberly). The GoGang, Igor in particular, is fuming with Chris Hall for leaving her with life-threatening injuries. Luckily for Chris, she fully recovers from her injuries, but her anger almost gets the better of her when Chris Hall deliberately spits on her shirt. Needless to say, Chris Hall was scolded by OliverWestern afterwards.

Episode 81: Darren Cook gets Grounded for Running Naked in Public: Darren Cook is trying not to laugh at Chris Hall, after being grounded three times in a row. But being a troublemaker, the latest incident had given Darren a naughty idea. He strips off naked in front of the naughty troublemakers and runs around all over the city. Darren's fun comes to an abrupt end though when he bumps into Llah Leahcim, Drahpehs Neb and Nretsew Revilo, who were not supposed to leave the house at all.

OliverWestern: Barnhurst Returns

Episode 82: Joan Ferguson gets Grounded for getting Convicted: Llah, Drahpehs, Nretsew, and Ttocserp (the new character) are still feeling ashamed with themselves for sneaking out of the house without permission. Upon hearing about the trial of Joan "The Freak" Ferguson for harassment, the four use this as opportunity to redeem themselves. They get her grounded by finding her guilty of the said crime, to the delight of Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett. Joan's world comes crashing down further when a new officer inducts her, instead of Meg.

Episode 83: Joan Ferguson gets Grounded for Disobeying a Direct Order: Joan Ferguson vows revenge against Llah, Drahpehs, Nretsew and Ttocserp for betraying betraying her in court. She plans her revenge attack on who she calls "The Traitorous Bastards", who are rewarded for doing the right thing. While planning the revenge, however, she ends up disobeying a direct order, which was to get dressed and join the inmates.

Episode 84: Joms Anmehtur gets Grounded: The prisoners are mortified and start being goody-goodys, after finding out that Joms was to be inducted into Barnhurst. And it's safe to say that he rubs the screws up the wrong way by talking gibberish. Things only go from bad to worse when he deliberately limits his vocabulary to "Hi-de-hi" and "Naughty-naughty" in front of the recently grounded Joan Ferguson.

Episode 85: Troublemakers get Grounded for Making a Fake VHS Opening: Dee Dee is very pleased with herself for destroying Dexter's Laboratory once again, but wants to do something extra naughty. She, along with Fora, Darren Cook, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, Lee Lee, Mee Mee, Rachel Winter, Rogi Iim, Rameg Looc, Nitsua Kram, and  Snikpoh Eitak create a Fake VHS Opening, only to get caught out by Warren Cook, RobbiePwns135 of the GoGang, and the now reformed Llah Leahcim, Drahpehs Neb, Nretsew Revilo, and Ttocserp Mail. Needless to say, they were all sent to Barnhurst after a Warren Cook style punishment.

Episode 86: Fora Marquez gets Grounded: The Troublemakers have all been sentenced to eighteen months each in Barnhurst, after they all got found guilty of making a Fake VHS Opening. But Fora is being her usual naughty self. She breaks the door halfway to Barnhurst, and all the troublemakers, incliding herself, escape from the van. But the fun ends when Igor and Robbie catch them all at Krypton High School.

Episode 87: Troublemaker Induction Day: The disgraced troublemakers finally make it to Barnhurst, thanks to Igor and Robbie of the GoGang. Marty Jackson wants to induct the new inmates, but Vera reminds him that he has to keep his depression under control, so she goes to induct them all instead. Marty is disappointed, but is comforted when Meg tells him that Vera did what she did because she cares for him. Needless to say, the new inmates receive a right verbal kick up the arse from good old Vinegar Tits.

Episode 88: Robert Gaffney gets Grounded: Dee Dee, Lee Lee, Mee Mee, and Snikpoh Eitak are feeling disappointed in themselves for being sent to Barnhurst, though for the latter of the five, it's her very first stint. Robert Gaffney decides to cheer them up, by causing trouble for the screws. Unfortunately for Gaffney, his plans are accidentally halted when Bea Smith comes with some bad news.

Episode 89: Bea Smith leaves Barnhurst: The inmates are struggling to come to terms with Bea's illness, after telling them that she is go to hospital to get a tumour removed from her stomach. But Bea makes the promise to return to Barnhurst once she recovers. Once the ambulance arrives, Bea tells her friends that Joan Ferguson is the new top dog, but she gets more than a little cocky with her power.

OliverWestern: Changing of the Guard

Episode 90: Joan Feguson Insults Ttocserp Mail: A few new inductees from the Warriors series of books arrive at Barnhurst. The apparent leader of the group, Tigerstar, immediately challenges Joan's dominance as Barnhurst's top dog. Joan takes offense to this, simmering for a short while. Then, she decides to take her anger out on poor Ttocserp Mail, but it ends when Oliver, Mike Hall, and Ben Shephard catch her in the act.

Episode 91: Belson gets Grounded for Defending Joan Ferguson: Belson Noles (one of the new Troublemakers) is angry with OliverWestern and his two friends for getting Ferguson into trouble. Belson plans to get revenge on OliverWestern by making a Grounded video out of him defending Ferguson. But his plan is foiled by Prezo, who takes him to Pingy for groundings. Pingy then sends Belson to Barnhurst as punishment.

Episode 92: Joan Ferguson Insults Princess Peach: Ttocserp Mail is still reeling from the abusive comments made by Joan Ferguson towards him. Oliver has the task of cheering him up. Ferguson once again fails to control her anger, hurling even more hurtful comments at Princess Peach, even calling her a tramp! However, Igor walks by and sees this, and Ferguson gets in more trouble.

Episode 93: Joan Ferguson vs Belson Noles: Once Belson arrives at Barnhurst Prison, they both find that they actually dislike each other. However, in an argument, Belson takes it one step too far by making homophobic remarks towards Ferguson. However, The Freak takes it farther still by punching Belson very hard and breaking his jaw. Needless to say, she ends up in a heap of trouble.

Episode 94: A Bad Day for Ferguson: Belson is still in the nurse's office rehabbing his injured jaw for the moment. Meanwhile, back in the cell block, the newer troublemakers claim to Ferguson that Tigerstar will usurp Ferguson's position as leader. Ferguson becomes paranoid about her leadership and spends the entire day getting into trouble by mouthing off to Nretsew Revilo, disobeying orders, and even assaulting Princess Daisy with a rake. Needless to say, she finds herself in very deep water at the end of the day.

Episode 95: Joan Ferguson Crosses The Line: This episode marks the start of Joan Ferguson's departure. Ferguson, fed up with all the trouble she's been getting in recently (believing none of it is her fault), decides she needs to verbally kick someone's arse to "get her win back". James comes by to give her a lecture about good behavior. When this happens, she decides James will be the victim. She goes into a relentless whirlwind, spouting offensive remarks about James' hair, insulting James' autism, and the worst thing, insulting his background. James is utterly broken by these comments, and runs off. The rest of the grounders feel terrible for James, with the female grounders expressing their desire to physically assault her. James then tells the gang about his plan to go undercover and get rid of Ferguson once and for all.

Episode 96: Ferguson Be Gone - Part 1: James gets himself inducted in Barnhurst under the code name of Damon Mizuno. James tells the screws that he was in for major theft. As Damon Mizuno, James begins his undercover mission to get Ferguson transferred to Wentworth for good. Ferguson takes a liking to the Mizuno identity, and tells him her plan to get both of them out of Barnhurst.

Episode 97: Ferguson Be Gone - Part 2: Belson has finally recovered from the injury that was given to him by The Freak. Meanwhile, Ferguson is telling James everything about her plan. Her plan is to hack into the Internet and DDoS the website of the prison. They will then bypass the security cameras, and switch the rooms the cameras show. Then, while all of the grounders are busy fixing the technology, they will make their daring escape. While Ferguson is sleeping, James calls the screws and tells them about her plan.

Episode 98: Ferguson Be Gone - Part 3: The time of Ferguson's escape plan is looming, occuring the night after this episode. He decides that getting help from other troublemakers would be a wise course of action to make sure the plan fails. Luckily for James, though, he discovers that every single one of them hates Ferguson with a passion, and all agree to take down Ferguson. James now knows that it's a race against time to get Ferguson out of Barnhurst, once and for all.

Episode 99: Ferguson Be Gone - Part 4: We finally arrive at the night of Ferguson's escape plan. But Ferguson doublecrosses James by giving him the duty of hacking the website and security cameras, so he will get caught and she will escape. However, the screws and the other troublemakers already know about Ferguson's plan. So, James fakes getting caught by them, and they all run down to see Ferguson by the front door about to escape. They quickly get her, and the other troublemakers throw her down and take turns stomping on her. She is then grounded by the heroes. James warns Ferguson against trying to "play a player". She is then gone for good when the heroes send her to the DTLTS Universe.

OliverWestern: Super Krypton Grounded

Episode 100: Krypton Surprise: Special 100th Episode Edition: To celebrate Ferguson's removal, the Prison Officers and the inmates join the GoGang and all of the cast for a special party, which celebrates the birth of this series. The Troublemakers accidentally cause trouble by threatening to ground the inmates if they misbehaved. But to their surprise, their parents were not angry with them for being naughty at all. They were, instead, very pleased with them, as their naughtiness had made everyone laugh. Even Slippy V cracked a smile.

Episode 101: Phifedawg's Final Breath: Len and Rin are still a giggly after the party. The next day, they hide in a bush when they see Phifedawg. He had recently been paroled from Wentworth for good behaviour. Igor the Mii kept a watchful eye on him, in case he done anything stupid. But Igor, Len, and Rin come to the rescue when he has a heart attack. At the hospital, after Phifedawg recovers, Mario (as Dr. Mario) tells him that his health would improve if he went to Sim City to finish off his recovery. Phifedawg agrees, and bids a tearful farewell to Krypton City.

Episode 102: Troublemakers go to Summer School: Wario and Waluigi are pleased when School finally finishes, but their happiness is quickly gone when Igor informs them of their piss poor effort in school. As punishment for their bad school work, Wario and Waluigi are forced to go to Summer School for Troublemakers (located at Krypton High School). They find that a good number of troublemakers have been sent there too, one of them is new troublemaker Scootatoo Dash (voiced by Brian). But Wario and Waluigi decide not to cause trouble at all. Instead,they use this as an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves in an attempt to get on everybody's good side.

Episode 103: Scootatoo gets Grounded: Scootatoo is a troublemaker who cannot help being naughty. She is remembering the time when her voice was Salli before it got changed as punishment for being naughty. Scootatoo knows she'll only sound like Catherine if she's a good girl, but Scootatoo decides to cause trouble in Krypton High School by deliberately being late, and by refusing to do her homework.

Episode 104: Troublemakers get Grounded for Being Forced to go to Summer School: Zatsune, Mima, Yandere, Freddy Bear, and Spring Trap (the five new troublemakers) all get grounded by Igor and Pingy, after they reveal that they all got F minuses on their school reports. Igor sends all five of them to Summer Camp, a school for Troublemakers. There, they meet Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, Flim Flam, Dora Marquez, Snikpoh Eitak, and Darren Cook, who were also sent there for being naughty. They all escape from Summer Camp, only to be scolded severely by Mordecai Peterson after they get caught out by Pingy and Igor.

Special: Troublemakers get Ungrounded for behaving on OliverWestern's Birthday: A one-off Special. The GoGang plan a surprise for OliverWestern's 29th Birthday, but they need to ask the troublemakers for help. Although at first hesitant, the GoGang agree to let the troublemakers help out. Surprisingly, all of the troublemakers were good as gold, and remained on their best behaviour even after surprising OliverWestern, who was overwhelmed with happiness that his friends remembered his birthday. The Troublemakers were ungrounded as a reward for their good behaviour, while the Barnhurst prisoners had their sentences reduced as a reward for good behaviour.

Episode 105: Devious Diesel gets Grounded: This episode introduces Thomas Tank (Brian), Edward Blue (Duncan), Henry Green (Lawrence), Gordon Express (Alan), James Black (Eric), Percy Small (Young Guy), Toby Tram (David), Montague "Duck" Pannier (Paul), Donald Calo-Scott (Alan), Douglas Calo-Scott (Alan), Oliver Little-Western (Simon), Sir Topham Hatt (Simon), and Devious Diesel (Wiseguy). Devious Diesel bullies Oliver for sharing his name with OliverWestern, but Thomas tells him that OliverWestern is named after Oliver the Little Western Engine, and berates him for bullying him. He also informs Devious Diesel that OliverWestern of the GoGang also goes by the name Krypton1986. After informing Sir Topham Hatt about the incident, Sir Topham Hatt gives Devious Diesel the scolding he deserves!

Episode 106: Yandere-chan gets Grounded for bullying OliverWestern, and Oliver Little-Western: Igor and Robbie ask OliverWestern why he shares his name with a Tank Engine. OliverWestern explains to them that it had inspired him for a username, but he tells them of Krypton1986, his other name he uses when he's around Oliver the Little Western Engine. Yandere-chan over hears them and uses this as an opportunity to bully them. Oliver the Little Western Engine gets upset (easily saddened), but OliverWestern stands up to Yandere-chan, and instantly reports her to Igor.

Episode 107: Devious Diesel gets Grounded for Getting Wario into Trouble: Devious Diesel swears revenge, after learning from Mima that Yandere-chan was grounded. Spring Trap, Freddy Bear, and Zatsune give him a very naughty idea, which he carries out the next day. He throws an apple at James the Animator. Thinking it was Wario, James sends him outside. OliverWestern was about to have him grounded when Warren Cook told James what Devious Diesel had done. Needless to say, Zatsune, Spring Trap, and Freddy Bear were also scolded alongside Devious Diesel for being very naughty in school.

Episode Banned: Darren Cook gets Grounded: Darren Cook talks smack to Slippy V, and ends up getting expelled. As punishment, he gets kicked in the balls, and is forced to watch Dora the Explorer. This episode is banned worldwide.

Episode 108: Snikpoh Eitak gets Grounded for Making Clones: Snikpoh is cross with Warren Cook for getting Devious Diesel into trouble at School. This gives her an idea of creating more clones of Kirby Loopsy, named Shitty Arse Loopsy, Fanny Loopsy, Vinegar Tits Loopsy, and Bastard Loopsy. Snikpoh decides to make tbe latter of the four male by stealing the DNA of Devious Diesel. Snikpoh is eventually caught out by RobbiePwns135 of the GoGang and severely scolds her. But instead of sending Snikpoh to her room, Robbie sends her to Barnhurst.

Episode 109: Snikpoh Eitak gets Grounded for Supporting NoGang: The remaining inmates make fun of Snikpoh when she is inducted into Barnhurst for a second time. Vera Bennett is especially pleased for she predicted her return some time ago. The inmates cleverly trick her into supporting the NoGang, knowing full well it would get her extra time in Barnhurst. Snikpoh declares her love for Gackt of the NoGang, which results in her receiving the bollocking she deserves from a new prison officer named Coleen Powell (voiced by Kate), who also scolds her for giving her the nickname "Po Face" in front of the other Prison Officers.

Episode 110: IntellegentATHIEST gets Grounded: This episode serves as the pilot episode for the new spin off series OliverEastern. In this episode (a direct piss-take of the first episode of this series), the teacher asks all of his students to give them an answer to each number cubed. Warren Cook correctly gave the correct answer to four cubed. When the teacher asks IntellegentATHIEST (voiced by Eric) for the answer to ten cubed, he deliberately winds up the students by deliberately giving the teacher the wrong answer. He ends up getting suspended from school for a week, and grounded for the rest of his life by Pingy of the GoGang.

Episode 111: Troublemakers get Grounded for Getting a Detention: Dora Marquez, Caillou Anderson, Noddy Smith, Postman Patrick Clifton, Robert Gaffney, Chris Hall, Dee Dee Desmond, Lee Lee Leech, Mee Mee Mason, Flim Flam, Justin Bieber, Fora Marquez, Darren Cook, Nitsua Kram, Snikpoh Eitak, Joms Anmehtur, and Scootatoo Dash, all cause trouble during an ICT lesson taught by Igor the Mii. As punishment, they are all sent to Detention, and their parents are contacted by Slippy V. During Detention, however, the troublemakers create Fake VHS Openings, download nine pirated films, and make Grounded videos out of Alex Kimble.

Episode 112: Haurhi gets Grounded: New Troublemaker Haurhi Mizuno (voiced by Kimberly) is pleased that the Troublemakers got sent to Barnhurst for being naughty. But an extremely naughty idea flies into her head. She goes to Wentworth to break Scootatoo Dash out. This makes Shauna, and Miku Tomoe, very jealous and wish they have pulled it off. But they are stopped in their tracks by Erica Davidson, who immediately sends Haurhi to Barnhurst. Haurhi then gets grounded by Coleen Powell.

Episode 113: Chris Hall gets Grounded for Disrespecting Mike Hall: After being released on bail, thanks to Dora sacrificing her freedom for this, Chris Hall becomes agitated when he sees Mike Hall standing in for another presenter. The next day, Chris Hall verbally rips into Mike Hall for being more popular than him, leaving the latter feeling sad. Later, a depressed Mike Hall informs Ben Shephard, OliverWestern (dubbed Krypton1986), and Liam Prescott about the incident. The latter of the four then informs Mordecai of the GoGang, who later gives Chris Hall a right verbal bollocking for his bad behaviour.

Episode 114: Chris Hall gets Grounded for insulting David Chisnall: Chris Hall is angry with Mordecai for grounding him, though he still plans to try and end Mike Hall's career as Granada Reports presenter. So Chris Hall, who has not learned his lesson from his last grounding, sabotages the shifts once again, but this time, he told David Chisnall he would be called Ginger Bollocks if he didn't take the blame. But OliverWestern sees through Chris Hall after spotting a depressed David Chisnall trying to avoid Mike Hall. Ben Shephard comforts the two presenters, while Liam gives Chris Hall a right royal bollocking for his behaviour, resulting in Chris Hall getting grounded in the process.

Episode 115: TBA

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