Operation: Faith was a mission to get rid of all the sides (or cliques, as James calls them.) on GoAnimate, including the so called "non-siders". It was created by James the Animator.


James the Animator had already been a rebel amongst the non-siders with his controversial opinions. On August 21, 2015, he got in an argument about MarioLeopoldSam Roblox's support of the Nazi Party. The argument reached its climax when Igor told him that he wasn't a true non-sider if he didn't respect MLS R's opinion. At this moment, James realized that the "non-siders" had become a monster and just another side in the war, which is not what Tigrus879 planned the non-siders to be. He finally came up with this "operation" to prove to people what he secretly always theorized for months was correct. Igor gave James the idea for the perfect name - "Operation: Faith". 


Unfortunately, James The Animator chose to cancel Operation: Faith. He chose to do this because he saw Igor preaching to users that they should quit all of the user groups, and also consistently insulting the GoAnimate community.

Theme Song

The group's theme is The Final Chimes, written by Chrome.



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