Pairs Can't Always be Pairings is an Anti-Len x Rin video by Igor the Mii and Sophie the Otter.


When Len and Rin notice that there are people supporting them as a couple, they despise it as they're not really a couple and that Rin is already infatuated with Igor.


Young Guy as Len and Pingy

Julie as Rin

Paul as Igor and KK720

Kayla as Sophie

Eric as Kaito

Brian as Mordecai and Steve


[Len and Rin are walking down the street...Why this keeps Happening]

Len: "Rin? You seem to have Igor stuck on your mind."

Rin: "I don't know Len, but i have a crush on him..."

Len: "Oh?"

[A Man appears]

Man: "Hey Len, do you love rin as your girlfriend?"

Len: "NO! She is just my pair!"

Man: "The Internet proves otherwise!"

Rin: "This cannot be true!"

Man: "Why not?"

Len: "First of all, us as a pairing is disgusting. Also, Rin is already in love with Igor."

Man: "Oh, Alright..."

[The man walks away, Len and Rin walk to the GoGang HQ]

[Igor notices the two]

Rin: "Hi, charming one."

Igor: "Oh, hello! What brings you here to the HQ?"

Rin: "Me and Len are being shipped just like a couple!"

Igor: "Whoa, What?! This is terrible!" 

[Igor sighs]

Igor: "Sophie!"

[Sophie quickly runs towards Igor]

Sophie: "What is the matter, Igor?"

Igor: "Rin just told me that she and Len are being shipped together. That's not right!"

Sophie: "How come?"

Igor: "Because...A: It's a bit too disturbing in my opinion, and B: I'm already in love with Rin!"

Sophie: "I know, right?"

Igor: "Yeah!"

[Rin Nods]

Igor: "What else you love, Rin?"

Rin: "Kaito...He's so cute."

[Igor takes a deep breath, since he is a yandere and dosen't want to kill Kaito]

Igor: "Let's notify him fast as possible!"

[The 4 walk out of the HQ and go to the Park, where Kaito is.]

[Igor takes another deep breath]

Igor: "Oh Kaito!"

Rin: "Kaito!"

Kaito: "Yes?"

Rin: "May I remind you that I love you so much?"

Mordecai: "Yeah. Tell her..."

[Igor twitches]

Igor: "I feel Alright, Everyone..."

Sophie: "You Remind me of a Yandere Girl..."

Rin: "Who, me?"

Sophie: "No, Igor reminds me of Yandere-chan."

Igor: "I feel Alright..." [Takes another deep breath]

Kaito: "You're alright, Igor?"

Igor: "Y-yeah..."

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