Parody Channels (also known as Joke Acconuts) are Youtube Troll Acconuts created by an User

Note:Parody Channels are not supposed to be taken seriously

List of Parody Channels

  • GumballFTW DonaldTrumpFTL VGCP AUTTP IGUA EDCP (Created by Sympathy Trillion)
  • CartoonsFTW BabyShowsFTL VGCP IGUA AUTTP EDCP ACC (Created by Milky Games)
  • SuperCartoonKid8000 IGUA (formerly known as "GoAnimateFTW AlvinHungFTL VGCP IGUA AAHC AUTTP") (Scotsman LNER)
  • Spongebobftw Caillouftl VGCP AUTTP (Created by Conor Dooley)
  • ComedyWorldYes BusinessFriendlyNo EDCP VGCP AUTTP (Created by IceAgeCollisionAndAngryBirdsGuy72)
  • GoAnimateFTW EAFTL VGCP EDCP IGUA UTTP THDTC (False UTTP Member) (Created by Kristofer Maigue)
  • RichelPursleyYES AlexMinudakaNO VGCP (Created by Alex Minudaka)
  • SteveUniverseFTW JohnnyTestFTL VGCP FAGS AUTTP (Created by TylerAnimati0ns)
  • IHateEverythingandBabyEinstein Yes CaillouandDora No VGCP NDCP (Created by Raichu The Great)
  • GhostBanana 489 IGUA VGCP AUTTP (Created by Nik Brusk)
  • MoralsYes CriticallyPannedCartoonsNO ACHDC ASHDC IGUA (Created by Unknown)
  • ComedyWorldYes AlvinHungNo EDCP VGCP LDCP IGUA (Created by CalifornianScout8884)
  • CoolMorarlsYES OttomagicCritcNO IVP AIHP EDCP VGCP IGUA (Created by Unknown)
  • gravatee fallz yeez jonnie tezt noe IGUA VEVO AUTTP VGCP (Created by Unknown)
  • CartoonsAreAwesome EDCP IGUA NDCP VGCP AUTTP (Created by HalloweenComedian2016)
  • StressedEricYES GeneBernardinoLawINO IGUA VGCP EDCP (Created by GeneBernadinoLawl)
  • TotalDramaFanatic233 VGCP EDCP NDCP IGUA (Created by Christian Cardenas)
  • ChorrPoliceFTW RyanVoFTL VGCP EDCP IGUA UTTP THDTC (False UTTP Member) (Created by Ryan Vo)
  • CartoonsFtw KillerInstinctFtl VGCP NDCP IGUA AUTTP (Created by Jamel Miranda)
  • GoAnimateFTW EddsworldFTL VGCP EDCP IGUA (Created by Nathan The Eddswood Fan 2017)
  • GoAnimate Fanboy1337 IGUA AUTTP VGCP (Created by YokoLittnerFan2002)
  • Officer Christopher Columbus UTTP(Created by an unknown user)
  • MLPFanatic VGCP EDCP AUTTP AAHC (Account now closed (Created by Tyranitar Dude)
  • MLPRules VGCP EDCP AUTTP AAHC (Account now closed)  (Created by Tyranitar Dude)
  • TobyJRathjenRocks AshtonTheBest2004Sucks VGCP (Created by Ashton Jean a.k.a AshtonTheBest2004)
  • CourtneyRocks2012 VGCP (Account now Closed) (Created by Inez Thomas)
  • LisaSimpsonFTW ConorDooleyFTL (Created by Conor Dooley)
  • FagitTehCommentaryDude (Created by MetalDragon111)
  • The Loud House Fan Est. 2003 (Created by Frozen Angel)
  • Chris The Cartoon Boy (Created by FreezingFlameSaint64)
  • Inflato The Clown (Created by ilvamaster)
  • UndertaleFangirl2010 VGCP EDCP NDCP AUTTP AAHC IGUA (Created by TyranitarDude)
  • ObjectShowsYes LazyTownAndTheNutshackFTL (Created by Shawn Barba)
  • VenturianTaleRules Est. 2004 (Created by Human Beaver Enterprises A.K.A Kirbymasters87)

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