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Patrick's GoAnimate Look since May 17th 2015.

Patrick1100 (aka SummerFan2002 VGCP) is a controversial Canadian GoAnimator that joined on April 12 2015. He likes special agent oso errors and barney errors. He has over 100 videos and over 40 followers.

He has over 300 views and has over 30 subscribers on youtube.




Friends: Favourite Shows and Characters: CECOfficial DoctorWhoRules2015 Strawberry Shortcake Kirby Loopsy Special Agent Oso mia and me lover 80 Handy Manny GoAnimator10 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TriggerHappyFan2001 Jungle Junction louielouie95 Sofia the first coakcoa Thomas and Friends LilEdmond Brown African Vulture Enemies: OfficerPoop247 (not my enemy) Evil Strawberry Shortcake KonataComedian2004 Evil Kirby Loopsy Barney Error Makers Serena Loopsy + Sakura Loopsy TransformersGuy48 Other Kirby Loopsy Imposters OishiKawaiiFan2015 cyborg Kirby loopsy, cyborg mia and me lover 80, cyborg transformersguy48, DeviousDieselFan1999.



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