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Peanut Otter's Roller RunDown

The poster for the game.

Peanut Otter's Roller Run-Down is a GoAnimate roller-skating simulator-adventure video game for the GBOX ONE (only playable via Kinect), GS4 (playable via GoStation Move), Wii U (supporting MotionPlus), and GoTendo 3DS (supporting the gyroscope function). It is developed and published by Pingy Game Productions. It was released on June 19, 2015. A version for Steam was later released a month later for Windows, Mac, and SteamPlay by Gamegotchi under the license of Pingy Games Productions.


A female villain named Darby Bruce has sealed the Golden Roller-Derby Trophy in a safe at her mansion. Darby then proceeds to take away almost every roller-skater's equipment to lock them in the same safe and then is ready to bash on roller-skating by making her old, evil shoes such as pumps, boots, slippers, etc. come to life to attack any roller-skater in the way.

When 7-year-old Peanut Otter realizes the situation, he decides to get out his roller-skates, helmet, wrist guards, and kneepads to save roller-skating from becoming obsolete. Can he stop Darby Bruce and her evil flock of antique footwear and obtain the Golden Roller-Derby Trophy he demands to get?


The motion controls adapted to the game allow the player to move, jump, and attack (although buttons may optionally be used). The health system consists on the number of gear worn by the player remaining. If the rollerskates are knocked off (which serve as the last "HP"), the player loses a life and must start from the checkpoint if passed.


  • Peanut Otter: A character from the Disney preschool show PB&J Otter. He is the main protagonist.
  • Jelly Otter: Peanut's 5-year-old sister. She joins Peanut in World 2.
  • Flick Duck: A duck who is one of Peanut's friends. He joins in World 3.
  • Munchy Beaver: A nervous beaver who is also one of Peanut's friends. He joins in World 4.
  • Pinch Raccoon: A girly raccoon and Jelly's best friend. She joins in World 5.


  • Baby Butter Otter: She can be occasionally summoned to assist the player in collecting objects.
  • Scootch Raccoon: He can be summoned to knock down enemies or break obstacles.


  • Darby Bruce: The main antagonist of the game. She is a 62-year-old human lady who despises roller-skating ever since she was a child, claiming it to be ridiculous and life-threatening. She always relies on her shoes that don't involve sports.
  • Pumps: Nasty shoes that attack the player with their heels.
  • Boots: These old boots shake off water onto a puddle to make the player slip and take damage.
  • Slippers: They treat their insides like rocket engines, blasting themselves toward anyone.
  • Tap-Dancing Shoes: Watch out for their attack in which they tap-dance, harming anyone who makes contact.


  • Peanut's roller-skates and helmet have received new appearances compared their original ones on PB&J Otter.
  • It is one of the games in Mr. Driller's Namtendo Blast.

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