Peppa Pig UTTP is an troll who likes to make videos out of users, her icon is Peppa Pig due to being addicted to Peppa Pig, She hates shows like Rugrats, etc, and she is the creator of (USER)'s Computer Videos.

Her Youtube Life

She joined Youtube on Dec 3rd 2016. She has 4 accounts

Round 1 (December 3rd 2016-February 21st 2017)

on her 1st channel, She made real life videos out innocent users being Susie Carmichael, Edwin Carmichael or Buster Carmichael and she started to make Computer Videos such as Old Computers, She once made a Dislike Complaint Videos and Sent a Grounded Threat to Everyone for disliking her videos, on her 1st Channel And everytime she gets for example:10 subscribers, she will announce everyone has she has x0 Subscribers, in 2017 she started to call people the n word, which is very racist, she also made an strict message out of Alvin Hung, She hates Alvin Hung so she told him to stop ruining Goanimate when Alvin Hung did not ruin Goanimate, Alvin hung needs money for his family, on Feb 21st 2017, she got terminated.

Round 2 (February 26th 2017-March 1st 2017)

then later On Feb 25th 2017, her imposter came and she act the same way that Peppa Pig UTTP acts, then one day later on Feb 26th 2017 she back as Peppa Pig UTTP is Back and after she came back, she no longer made i got subscribers videos and she started to make Different (USER)'s Computer Videos which are Windows CE Computers, then later Her acconut got hacked and closed on March 1st 2017.

Round 3 (March 5th 2017-June 28th 2017)

on March 5th 2017 she came back as Peppa Pig UTTP Returns Again and she started to make Prank Openings but she only made 1 she made an Prank Opening out of The Rugrats Runaway Reptar on VHS (1999) and used an justin bieber baby song music video clip, and she started to make (TV SHOW) Sucks videos but she only made 3, she also reveals her computer and her family's computers, and She Started to make serval bad videos out of Inez Thomas, Later on April or May 2017 her Computer got locked by the FBI for watching porn, on May 20th 2017, she started an hate club out of Inez Thomas, She went to summer school on June 21st 2017, because of her bad behavior in school, on June 28th 2017, she got terminated for the 3rd time.

Her Alt and Backup Channel Round (April 29th 2017-July 1st 2017)

And she has an Alt and Backup Channel on April 29th 2017, on July 1st 2017, her mom closed her Alt and Backup Channel, She had a Different Proflie Picture with No Videos, Her Icon is A Peppa Pig Icon with White Background and Peppa Pig Standing on the Left showing the Face.

Round 4 (July 8th 2017-present)

on July 8th 2017, She came back as Peppa Pig UTTP 4th Return, Luckily, she haven't posted any videos on August 2017., but she made a Video To Give Inez Thomas her email and password, so She can hack her back in July 2017


Peppa Pig, Dora The Explorer, Nick Jr, Fanboy and Chumchum, Justin Bieber, Sanjay & Craig, Breadwinners, UTTP, THDTC, VGCP, IGUA, NEW HYDE GRANDPA UTTP THDTC, shopkins girl UTTP, CaillouRocks2009 UTTP THDTC (f.k.a CaillouRocks88), Windows ME, Windows Vista, etc


Rugrats, Inez Thomas, Sonya Lee, Susie Carmichael, Most of The Old Cartoons, Windows XP, Spongebob (S1-S3 Only), Snorks, Smurfs, Innocent Users, Sarah West, The Secret of NIMH, E.T. for Atari 2600, etc

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