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Pingy's Bad Bad Day is a game developed by Pingy Game Productions, it is inspired by the 2001 game Conker's Bad Fur Day.



Places to visit

  • Pingy's home
  • School
  • The Park

Rating Summary

This is the official rating summary from the ESRB:

This is a platformer where players assume the role of Pingy to get back home to visit Igor. Players explore various places such as schools, parks, and his home too. Players use various weapons (frying pans, knives, guns, etc.) to kill "cartoony" enemies. Battles are accompanied by cries of pain and realistic gunfire; large blood-splatter effects occur during combat, staining characters' bodies and the ground. The game also includes several instances of mature humor and sexual dialogue; a "cartoony" pile of singing feces, sexual moaning sounds, and allusions to fellatio/sex between a male and female cog (e.g., “Oh no! Not Mr. Big Cog! That's me buggered!”). All sequences are depicted "cartoony" and over-the-top manner. Throughout the course of the game, characters are depicted drinking alcohol, which trigger a screen-blurring effect. The words "sh*t", "tw*t", and "a*shole" appear in the dialogue, while words such as "f**k" and "c*nt" are bleeped out.


Narrator: "Warning, this is a remake of the M-rated Game "Conker's bad Fur day." Therefore, this is only indeed for Mature Audiences."

[Cut to Pingy's House]

Igor: "Well, Since I'm on a M-Rated Video, I'd like to say i'd fuck Info-Chan..."

[Pingy is staring at the clock.]

Pingy: "Waiting for the school bus..."

Igor: "What are you doing?"

Pingy: "We're waiting for the school bus, bro."

Igor: "Ah, I see."

[Finally, the school bus comes]

Pingy: "I see it! Let's go!"

Igor: "Alright."

[They go in the school bus.]

[Meanwhile at the Cafeteria]

[Pingy gets drunk by Drinking alchohol]

Igor: "I'm about to be fuckin' Forced to do a Demoman Reference...."

Student: "Do it! Just... do it!"

Igor: "Here it comes..."

[Pingy goes to the front entrance of the school outside being drunk]

Pingy: "Now which way?"

[Pingy goes to the park while drunk]

[The Next Day...]

[Pingy is sleeping outside being restless]

Igor: "PINGY!!! Something really fuckin' Perverted occured to Info-Chan...Ewww...."

Pingy: "Wait, wuh?"

Igor: "I said, Something really perverted occurred to Info-Chan!"

Pingy: "Again?"

Igor: "No, it was the first time."

Pingy: "Oh? What kind of perverted things happened? I'm Curious."

Igor: "Do i really have to explain?"

Pingy: "Can you teach me some moves in this game?"

Igor: "What game?"

Pingy: "The game we're on!"

Igor: "Oh, alright fine."

[The tutorial pops up.]

[Igor jumps berfore Double Jumping.]

Igor: "You got this, Press A to Jump."

[Pingy jumps.]

Igor: "Good job..."

Pingy: "So What's Fucking Next Bitches?"



  • This is the first Pingy Game Productions project to be edited by Carkle.