Created By Pingy Animatronic.


While Yandere-Chan Has Reformed, Chica is Jealous Of Her! And Pingy Doesn't Know What to Do!


Young Guy as Pingy and James

Paul as Igor

Eric as John and Carkle

Julie as Dry Yandere-Chan and Marisa

Princess as Chica

Tween-Girl as Cirno


Narrator: "Yandere-Chan has Reformed, So what we can do about it? She could start dating pingy!"

[The Narrator is Pingy (User).]

[Cut to GoGang HQ]

Yandere-Chan: "I Have Reformed! Guys!"

Igor: "Great! You Could Join The GoGang!"

[Yandere-Chan Turns into Dry Yandere-Chan]

Dry Yandere-Chan: "I Wont be Human Anymore! I Will be Like This Forever!"

Igor: "Hehehe, Nice Call."

[Pingy is on love with Dry Yandere-Chan]

Igor: "Pingy?"

[Pingy and Dry Yandere-Chan are Kissing]

Igor: "That means-"

[Chica is Jealous]

Igor: "Oh uh."

Chica: "I Will Kill That Yandere-Girl!"


John: "It's all over again!"

Igor: "Chica might ask Renko and zelda for help."

Chica: "I Will make her Fall into Pieces!"

Igor: "Okay, She needs Serious Help from Renko and Zelda."

John: "Agreed."

[Zelda and Renko walks towards chica]

Zelda: "What is it?"

John: "Chica is Jealous. Renko, Zelda, can you tell Chica how to get over it?"

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