Pingy Animatronic Presents: Troublemaker Extravaganza is Pingy's grounded series. It is inspired by the OliverWestern series, and James the Animator Presents: Troublemakers.


Igor and Pingy are the owners of a house of badly behaved people.

Protagonists (Good Guys)

  • Igor the Mii aka Igor "Flamy" Luan Trinade Pimenta (Episode 1)



(Anti-heroes are Characters that do not Protect others but they don't cause trouble either)

Antagonists (Troublemakers)


Season 1: Madness Hooray! (10 Episodes)

  1. Yandere-Chan tries Kidnapping Senpai/Grounded by Pingy and Igor: Yandere-chan Tries to Kidnap Senpai due to Yandere-chan's Obsession with Senpai, But this ends bad once Igor and Pingy find out.
  2. Belson beats up Clarence/Grounded by Pingy and Igor: Belson beats Clarence up, but it ends bad when Jeff and Sumo notify Igor and Pingy.