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Pingy arrives at GoCity is the first episode of Pingy: Get Back at Ya!.


A Mysterious Black Animatronic Landed on GoCity and the Citizens do not know who that Animatronic is!


Young Guy as Pingy

Paul as Igor

Kayla as Sophie

Alan as Kosh

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya

Tween-Girl as Cirno

Princess as Saki Miyu

David as thegoldenbrick1


[A Animatronic is walking towards GoCity]

[Once he arrives here...]

???: "This place looks awesome."

Sanae Kochiya: "Who is that?"

Sophie: "I Dunno!"

Igor: "A Black Animatronic...Ummm....I'll try to befriend it."

Sanae Kochiya: "Watch out, he can be evil!"


[Igor walks towards the animatronic]

Igor: "Who are you?"

???: "Im Pingy! Sqwee!"

thegoldenbrick1: "Nice Name!"

[Meanwhile at Kosh's Castle...]

Kosh: "What is this?! My Enemy has arrived on GoCity! It's unacceptable!"

Kosh: "I'll find a way to get rid of Pingy!"

[Cut to pingy]

Pingy: "So, Am i welcome?"

Igor: "I heard a bit of you. I bet your waifu is Naomi."

Pingy: "How you knew?"

Igor: "I just guessed."

Pingy: "OK!"

Cirno: "I Like to Eat Frozen Froglegs!"

[Cirno Licks the Frozen Froglegs]

[Cirno's Tongue gets Stuck]

Igor: "Poor Cirno." [Chuckles]

Pingy: "Cirno is cute..."

Igor: "I know! But she is a baka..."

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