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Pippi's Gaming Problem is the Second Episode of House of GoGang.


Pippi Bought 2 Games for her 3DS...she quickly became addicted to them, Sanae Kochiya is not happy with It and Igor Calls a special guest: Wii Fit Trainer!


All Major Characters

All Secoundary Characters

Wii Fit Trainer (Special Guest!)


Pingy: "And we're back!"

Igor: "Today is a good day."

[Pippi is busy playing "Pokémon Omega Ruby" on her 3DS.]

Igor: "Pippi?"

[Pippi is still playing]

Igor: "Pippi?"

[Igor waves his hand on Pippi's Face, Pippi's still playing.]

Igor: "Oh no...Guys..."

Sophie: "She's still playing games!"

Igor: "Sigh..."

Pippi: (still playing.)

Sophie: "Can you at least talk to us for one second? Pause the game."

Pingy: "Yeah!"

(No Response.)

TGB1: "Don't worry guys, i have an ace up my sleeve."

(Blows Air Horn)

Pippi: "Ahhhh!!!"

Igor: "Whoa!"

Info-Chan: "Silly."

Pippi: "What you want?"

Igor: "Pippi, you got a unhealthy Gaming Problem!"

Pingy: "Stop it Pippi!"

Pippi: "I can't."

TGB1: "Why not?"

Pippi: "I'm a Gamer..."

Igor: "Seriously...?"

[Igor takes the 3DS from Pippi's hand]

Pippi: "Give it back!"

Igor: "Nope, It's for your good..."

[Pippi tries Choking Igor]

Pingy: "This is a problem..."

TGB1: "A big one."

Igor: "GUYS, HELP!"

[Pingy pushes Pippi Osu]

Pippi: "Did i act bad?"

Igor: "Are you Crazy? You tried to choke me!"

Pippi: "Sorry."

[Meanwhile, with Saki Miyu and Cirno]

Cirno: "I'm not a Baka!"

Saki Miyu: "What is 50 plus 25?"

Cirno: "5025!"

Saki Miyu: "Wrong."

[The Audience laughs]

[Cut to Info-Chan and Patchouli reading books]

Info-Chan: "Ummm....Neat!"

Patchouli: "This is intresting."

[Cut back to Igor]

[Igor Facepalms]

Igor: "Should I Call Wii Fit Trainer?"

TGB1: "If it helps the situation, yes."

[Pingy is seen eating Cheetos]

Pingy: "Meh."

Igor: "This is a big Problem, TGB1."

TGB1: "Then Call her!"

[Igor calls Wii Fit Trainer]

Wii Fit Trainer: "Hey! what is it?"


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