"Driller said I looked like crap so I went for plastic surgery and now I look beautiful again."
—Miyuki Takara, in Drillimation "Wataru gets grounded on April Fools Day"

Plastic Surgery is a type of grounded video where a character or one of their parents changes their look or gender. The character getting grounded usually calls the patient "stupid", and thus, getting them grounded. Plastic Surgery is a character's way of informing the viewers that their creator is giving them a new avatar. Occasionally, their new avatars will also come with new voices.


Drillimation's Wataru gets grounded on April Fools Day

Konata: You know what I've been thinking? I look really beautiful nowadays. I remember back in middle school we looked good. It's still ongoing.

Miyuki: Driller said I looked like crap so I went for plastic surgery and now I look beautiful again.

Kagami: Thanks for your compliment. Plastic surgery seems too extreme. I don't want to look like a complete butthole. Plastic surgery's for people who are idiots.

How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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