Ponzu, Rayu, Wasabi, and Tofu Otter

From left to right: Ponzu, Rayu, Wasabi, and Tofu


August 15th, 2013




18 inches (1'6), 28 inches (2'4) as pre-teens


Misaki (Ponzu), Tween Girl (Rayu), Kayla/Salli (Pre-Teen) (Wasabi), Ivy/Princess (Pre-Teen) (Tofu), Dionne Quan (Non-GoAnimate voice)


Ponzu: Adventure, Flying, Sushi, Sumo Wrestling (she thinks it's silly), Hello Kitty
Rayu: Disney, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Martial Arts
Wasabi: Looking pretty, girly things, wearing dresses, make-up, Cooking Mama, Nintendogs
Tofu: Pokémon, cosplaying, video games, manga, anime
All: Japanese culture, LGBT, retro fashion, having fun, baby shows, nursery school


Bullies (like Charity Brooklyn), war, bad weather, getting scolded, negativity, adult movies and shows, horror stuff


Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

Ponzu, Rayu, Wasabi, and Tofu Otter are the adopted quadruplet daughters of Marmalade Otter. They were born on August 15, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. They were later adopted on July 1, 2015 at the age of 22 months. They are toddler prodigies who can already speak in full-sentences. In 2016, Marmalade will adjust their ages to 10 years old and they will be given a set of siblings which are a variety of anthropomorphic animals from around the world.

The Quadruplets

  • Ponzu: The eldest and the leader of the quad. She is a kind-hearted daredevil who loves flight and the Hello Kitty franchise. She is green wearing her darker green hair in a bun with a Sudachi hair clip. Unlike her younger sisters, she only speaks Japanese. As a pre-teen, she will also wear sandals on some occasions and be able to speak more English.  
  • Rayu: The youngest with a spunky, feisty attitude. Although she is sometimes ill-tempered, she is nonetheless supportive of her sisters. She is also an athlete and loves Disney movies. She is dark red with maroon hair in a somewhat spiky bun. As a pre-teen, her temper will be calmer (but still retain her overall original personality) and will be into Indie culture.
  • Wasabi: The second youngest who is girly, prissy, vain, and sweet. She enjoys anything girly, but cries easily and isn't as smart as the others. Otherwise, she is considered the cutest. She is snot green, has blue eyelids, blush, and olive green hair complete with a green hairbow. As a pre-teen, her hairstyle will become a ponytail (but the bow remains) and she will be a bit more mature.
  • Tofu: The second eldest. She is a tomboy and a fan of anything Japanese (but isn't a Weeaboo). She plays Pokémon and watches lots of kids anime. She is very intelligent and can translate anything Ponzu is saying to English due to being an expert in Japanese. She is pretty careless and is also impulsive, but is still a hero. She is egg white with green hair and fingers. She wears a Pikachu baseball cap, very light red socks, and yellow shoes with brown stripes. As a pre-teen, she will become a manga artist, doing it as a hobby.


  • Although their last name is Otter, causing slight confusion, they are NOT otters.
  • They are named after a Japanese spice (except Tofu, who is named after an Asian food instead).
  • Although their names appear to be more masculine, it is due to their original parents (named Yuki and Taiyo) expecting boys, even during labor. 
  • Their style of appearance is influenced by Mingle from Adventures of the Little Koala.

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