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Principal Walker was the obese principal of Lakeside School. He was one of the many antagonists in the animated series, Comedy World. It's possible that he is in a relationship with Eric and PC Guy's math teacher, Mrs. White.

Principal Walker

Full name

Abe Walker

Date of birth

January 16, 1956




Simon (default), Wise Guy (angry), Scary Voice (furious), Professor (depressed)


Principal Walker is short-tempered and is never happy, save for rare instances that involves food. Whenever he's around Mrs. White, he can be a gentleman and will do anything to impress her, even if it involves injuries.


  • Series creator Gary Sauls once said that Principal Walker was based off his middle school principal who was probably "some kind of war hero" who eventually "ended up in a cramped school."
  • He resembles Colonel Sanders.


In the series finale, Nothing Lasts Forever, Principal Walker was arrested, along with several other teachers, for "promoting child abuse." They were replaced with much more kinder educators.

Principal Walker's replacement was Principal Barnes.

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