Hqdefault (1) Program of Protection of Elsa, Cynthia and Rosalina, you are ungrounded!

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The Program of Protection of Elsa, Cynthia and Rosalina ​ (POPTECR) is a group created by Igor the Mii (the founder of POPTECR), whose job is to reduce the level of hatred against Elsa, Cynthia, and Rosalina.

It's Leader is Igor.

It will appear on Mariotehplumber gets Grounded and other grounded videos out of Elsa, Cynthia or Rosalina Haters.

It's Debut Special is POPTECR's Girl Patrol Duty.

The Members, People to Protect and the Enemies' Tropes can be found here.

This group was also the inspiration OliverWestern needed to founded Program of Protection for Nintendo and ITV (or POPFNITV for short). As a direct result this, all three POPTECR girls are also protected by POPFNITV, despite Elsa being a Walt Disney character. One of it's members, Shauna (one of Igor the Mii's eight Waifus), is also being protected by POPFNITV due to her being a Pokémon Trainer.

As of Summer 2016, the group is now inactive.



Igor the Mii (100% Trustable)

Major Admins

OliverWestern (100% Trustable)

Sophie the Otter (100% Trustable)

Pingy Animatronic (100% Trustable)

Major Sergeants

PaperPizza (100% trustable)

Carkle (100% Trustable)

Shauna (100% Trustable)

MC Adore (100% Trustable)

Other Members

Jelly Otter


Irina the Mii

Peanut Otter

Mordecai Peterson

Christian Adams (100% Trustable)

Former Members


Mariotehplumber (hates Rosalina, Cynthia and Elsa) (WORST ENEMY)

Powerjohn25 (hates Elsa)

Falcor007 (Hates Cynthia)

Ih8Heels (Hates Rosalina)

Phifedawg and his Friends, Allies, and Sockpuppets (Enemy of POPFNITV)

Trust Levels

100% (one hundred percent) = Protects all Girls

66 2/3% (sixty six and two thirds percent) = Protects 2 girls but hates one.

33 1/3% (thirty three and a third percent) = Protects one Girl and hates 2.

Google+ Group

It has a Google+ Group. You can check it out here.


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