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Prussia Ocs


Unknown, probably 2013


November 2015



Region served



Fruit Valley, NY


  • Prussia (Leader)
  • Cloud Cookie
  • McThugget
  • Tortillas
  • Flowermonster
  • DerpTurtle

Notable for

"My callout on Instagram was not a threat, but to let others know about you. But then I got attacked by your friends telling me to go kill myself, back off, to do whatever. Think you went overboard there?"
—Cloud Cookie, to Driller

Prussia Ocs was a bad group of people in the Drillimation series. They were known for stealing other people's artwork and recoloring them, even though they remove them when people nicely ask them. In Minecraftia however, their goal was to kidnap high school students and recolor their skin.


Their goal was to mainly steal artwork from movies, TV shows, and video games and basically recolor them. In real life however, they mainly post ocs that people send to them. After the process is finished, the oc is posted for the world to see. If they get posted, they may request a takedown of the oc they posted.

Drillimation raids

Cloud Cookie's Raid

In May 2015, Prussia asked Cloud Cookie to make some Drillimation threats. When CoolGamer23 saw them, he gathered his friends to attack Cloud Cookie's threats. As a result the threats were removed and Cloud Cookie told Drillimation that they will not make any Drillimation posts, because Clan Centurio will probably attack them.

@bad.oc.killers's Instagram Threat

In July 2015, Another admin known as @bad.oc.killers decided to join KEJA to make threats on Instagram. As a result, the attacks came in, but was unsuccessful. This led to CoolGamer23 filing a DMCA takedown to Instagram to get the threats removed. Sure enough, the process was a success, with both threats removed.


In November 2015, Prussia was terminated for copyright infringement and slander.

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