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Purple man

That Purple Guy from FNAF

Purple Guy (also known as Purple Man or Purpy Pants) is the fan-given name for a recurring character in both Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and 3. He was the murderer of the five missing children mentioned in the first game, but could have possibly killed more, as seen from the Minigames in the third game. He only appears in the Death Minigames of the second game and the Minigames of the third game, but his role in the story is pivotal.

About him

Purple Guy is represented in the games as a deep purple-colored sprite in the size and shape of a grown man. This sprite changes slightly between each minigame. It isn't until Five Nights at Freddy's 3 that he retains a constant appearance, undetailed as it may be, though he has expressive eyes and a mouth that easily conveys his emotional state. The only instance in which Purple Guy shows any more detail than this is during the "You can't" version of the

File:Purple guy by me.png

SAVETHEM Death Minigame, in which he wears a yellow symbol on his chest that resembles a badge. Also he became Springtrap after he put on the Springtrap costume to hide from the ghosts of the four children that he killed, but got killed himself while in the costume.