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R.O.B.O. (video game)

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R.O.B.O. is a platforming action game created by IA. It is based on the R.O.B.O. TV show.


The plot is the same as the first season of R.O.B.O, except that the Scavengers are all destroyed at the end, unlike the T.V show where **** and *** are the only ones that die.


The gameplay is similar to many jump and shoot games. However, there are a few differences. The player can choose between several melee weapons and several guns. The player can also choose between 3 characters at the beginning (Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby). They unlock more characters later on, and each character can use a super attack and a team attack by filling up their energy bar. In each level there are puzzles that the player must solve. The game has 10 different zones, each containing 4 levels. Each level has multiple paths and secret items. At the end of each zone, the player must face off against a boss.

Playable characters

Kasai (Starter character)

Ruby (Starter character)

Scalpal (Starter character)

Guridor (Unlocked after beating Zone 1)

Sugilite (Unlocked after beating Zone 2)

Zon (Unlocked after beating Zone 3)

Sona (Unlocked after beating Zone 4)

Shozoku (Unlocked after beating Zone 6)

Blues (Unlocked after beating Zone 8)

Ditzpy (Unlocked after finding all of the secret items)


Chazor (Zone 1)

Hanzolf (Zone 2)

Brawler (Zone 3)

Seakea (Zone 4)

Wolfizer (Zone 5)

Velociter (Zone 6)

Predatron (Zone 7)

Gravedigger (Zone 8)

General Deceajer (Zone 9)

Obsidian (Zone 10)


R.O.B.O Pack ($1.99)

Scout Kasai


Scavenger Pack (adds playable versions of the Scavengers) ($4.99)


General Deceajer









R.O.B.O. Season Pass ($14.99)

The R.O.B.O. Season Pass is an item that allows you to download all the Story Modes and the Hyperdrive for free, as well as the free Season Pass exclusive, SBO-3000.

Hyperdrive ($0.99) 

The Hyperdrive is a downloadable tool that allows you to unlock all in-game characters. Downloadable content cannot be unlocked with this tool.

Story Modes ($5.99 each.) 

The Story Modes are 3 story modes you may download to play along with the Main Story.

Machine of War: This Story Mode chronicles the life of Obsidian before he formed the Scavengers.

Man@Work: This Story Mode chronicles the life of Kasai before R.O.B.O. was formed. The R.O.B.O. Pack must be downloaded beforehand in order to play the mode, because Scout Kasai is in it.


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