Renko Usami
Renko-th 3057

Renko herself.


Kyoto, originally Tokyo




Sade the Hedgehog (Current)
Igor (Formerly)

Renko is a character from Touhou. She is one of the three Touhou characters Igor has fallen in love with. the other two are Sanae and Patchouli.


Renko Usami is a physics student from Japan. She and Merry form the two-person occult circle, the Secret Seals Club, which investigates Gensokyo. She plays the role of skeptic, as Merry is the only one who's actually been inside Gensokyo, but sincerely believes Merry in the end. Although a normal human, with a glance of the sky, she is instantly able to determine her location and the current time to within a second; she has been described as "a human GPS." She is from the short stories that come with ZUN's music collections.

In the GoAnimate Fanon

She has a dragon form in Pingy's fanon.

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