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Liko Izayoi
Riko Izayoi

Liko in her middle school uniform

Best Friend





  • YouTube Poop videos
  • Grounded videos


  • GoAnimate Middle School

Liko Izayoi (Also known as Cure Magical), the one of the two main characters in Witchy Pretty Cure! (better and offcially known as Maho Girls Pretty Cure!), is a 13-year girl who lives in Miracle City, United States. She is awesome cute girl as well (like some other Pretty Cure characters). She is sometimes known as Riko Izayoi. She transforms into Cure Magical by saying "Magical Jewelyre!". Her catchphrase is "Don't forget to watch the clock time.".

School day

Same as Mirai's school day. She talks with Mirai about something.

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