Rosalina's Dress Problems is the 9th Episode of The New Super Mario Show.


When Rosalina goes to the Mushroom Kingdom Laundromat, her dress shrinks and she has problems finding a replacement!


  • Rosalina
  • Lumas
  • Toadsworth
  • Laundromat Employes (Toads)
  • Mario
  • Goombas
  • Luigi (Cameo)
  • Koopa Troopa (Cameo)


[One morning, Rosalina is sipping her coffee, when a Luma comes in and surprises her, she spills her coffee on her dress.]

Rosalina: "Oh no! My dress! I have get to the Mushroom Kingdom Laundromat"

[Rosalina goes to the Mushroom Kingdom Laundromat]

[Rosalina goes into her human disguise outfit]

Toadsworth: "Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom Laundromat! How may I help you?"

Rosalina: "Well I have stain on my dress! Can you wash it?"

Toadsworth: "Certainly! Boys! Wash this dress by Noon!"

[Some Toads come along and take the dress. First they put it in the washer, the stain comes clean off. The Toads then put it in the dryer.]

Toadsworth: "Be careful with this one, boys. It may shrink in the drier."

Toad: "Your over reacting! What's the worst that could happen?"

[The same Toad leans on the dial of the drier, unknowingly setting it to very hot.]

[Approximately 113 minutes later, the drier finishes.]

[The toad opens up the door, steam comes out. He gasps when he sees Rosalina's dress.]

Toad: "It Shrunk!!!!"

[The Toads Screams in Terror]

Toad: "Oh Man! Toadsworth is gonna kill me if he sees me..."

[Toadsworth comes over]

Toadsworth: "If I see you what?!"

[Shows Toadsworth the tiny dress]

Toadsworth: "Excuse me a Sec."

[Toadsworth runs into the Janitors closet, and screams loudly]

Toad: "I am gonna get fired!"

[Toadsworth goes to Rosalina]

Toadsworth: "Excuse me madame, I believe your dress shrunk!"

[Toadsworth shows the tiny dress]

[Rosalina is shocked]

Rosalina: "My custom-made hand-stitched dress!"

Toadsworth: "Mam, I am so, very sorry!"

[Rosalina leaves the laundromat]

Toadsworth: "WHO, DID, THIS!?!?"

[All toads point to the toad who shrunk the dress.]

Toad: "I'm Fired, aren't I?"

Toadsworth: "Get Out."

Rosalina: "What am I supposed to do now?"


  • Rosalina appears in Human-Disguise outfit in this episode when her blue dress shrinks.

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