Ryou High School of Magic and Drilling


Kanagawa, Japan


Hitomi Hoshi

Specializes in

  • Magic
  • Drilling

School Color(s)

Red (Winter)
Blue and Yellow (Summer)

The Ryou High School of Magic and Drilling (魔法と掘削の陵桜高校 Mahō to Kussaku no Ryōō Kōkō) is a high school located in Kanagawa. They specialize in teaching students to use magic and to become drillers.

The school is owned and operated by Wataru's mother, Hitomi Hoshi, who is the principal and started using magic and drilling in schools.

History and Uniform

The school was founded in the 1940s by two sorcerers. They wanted to help create a better magic school for kids to specialize in, rather than doing the same thing(s). The school was served to students aged 14 - 18 years of age.

The school uniform is composed of two of them, one for summer and one for winter. The summer school uniform is composed of a short-sleeved shirt with blue borders. The winter school uniform is composed of a long-sleeved shirt with red borders.


1981 break-in

The 1981 break-in was committed by Keel Sark, who was trying to steal an object from the school office. There he stole was the Ultima Weapon of Kanata Izumi, an ultima weapon that sacrifices the user's hair to charge the spell.

1986 break-in

The 1986 break-in was committed by the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star, who was trying to pursue Keel in the Netherrealm to bring back Akira's Lucky Star pearl.

Notable students

Student Grade
Konata Izumi 10th
Kagami Hiiragi 10th
Tsukasa Hiiragi 10th
Miyuki Takara 10th
Yutaka Zhong 9th
Minami Iwasaki 9th
Patricia Martin 9th
Hiyori Tamura 9th
Izumi Wakase 9th
Ayano Minegishi 10th

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