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Sacred Doll is a Goddess Of Dolls She Is know to Bring Peace to The Guardians of the Smash Universe and the Sacred Heroes and The Guardians Of The Brick Universe She Want And Want to Stop Sacred Death From Hurting Others
Sacred Doll(Before)

Her Before She Became Sacred Doll

Likes: Candies,Cakes,Babies, Dolls(Duh) making Dolls (Both Boys And Girls),Juice,Soda,Cute things, Peace and Love and Fruits

Dislikes: Evils,UTTP,Vegetables,Bad Thing happen her,Go To Bed Early,School,Beer,Gross Things, Hate And War and Sacred Death

Voice: Ivy

Weakness: Losing Her Head, Getting Ripped,Losing her Stuffing, Have to Get Put Back Together

Real Name: Annabel Lee

Sacred Doll

This Is Her

Sacred Doll Golden

Sacred Doll In Kisekae

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