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Sade La sade Is a Parody Of Sade's Favorite Anime Kill La Kill (Based Off me Only Finish Part Of the Anime)


Sade Life Is now Like Kill La kill!! She Has To Finish The anime Or She Trapped Forever


Sade as Ryūko Matoi

Igor as Mako Mankanshoku

Senketsu as Himself

Flippy as Sōichirō Kiryūin (Dead)

Sky as Satsuki Kiryūin

Yoko as Ragyō Kiryūin

Lord Pluto as Nui Harime

Captain Giratina as Rei Hōōma

TheFanGuy123 as Barazō Mankanshoku

Grand Chase SucksVGCP as Sukuyo Mankanshoku

Sacred Doll as Matarō Mankanshoku

Springtrap as Guts

(More Characters Coming Soon)

Elite Four:

Pingy as Ira Gamagōri

Mole as Uzu Sanageyama

Sophie as Nonon Jakuzure

Benji as Hōka Inumuta

IA(Intellegent ATHIES) as Shirō Iori


(Watching Kill La Kill) Sade: Wow It so Awesome!!! Ypu Know what I wish My Life was Like Ryūko Matoi Well Kinda Of all Well!!! Time to go To Bed....

(She Went to bed)

(She Woke Up)

Sade: Ughhh.... I feel Like I slept On a Log.... (She Got up)

(She Look around the room)

Sade: Wait Why my house Look Like A Poor House?

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