Created by MarioLeopoldSam and the SakuradaClan8.


MarioLeopoldSam, the Sakurada Clan and the Anime Party of Goanimate are close to facing extincion since their goanimate accounts got banned for life. Sophie the were-otter is coming to their air-base in Takahashi-99 to attack the remaining members. Will MarioLeopoldSam defeat Sophie the were-otter and have a few last minutes of happiness? Or will Sophie the were-otter make things worse for MarioLeopoldSam and the Sakurada Clan?


  • Eric as MarioLeopoldSam
  • Young Guy as Kaworu Sakurada
  • Scary voice as Sophie the were-otter


Part 1: MarioLeopoldSam warns Kaworu Sakurada

MarioLeopoldSam: Great Kaworu Sakurada?

Kaworu Sakurada: what?

MarioLeopoldSam: our goanimate account has been banned for life and our anime and manga party is coming to an end.

[Their iPad makes an e-mail notfiy sound]

Kaworu Sakurada: hold on, let's read this mail!

[Kaworu and Mario open the mail from Kirby loopsy]

Kirby loopsy [e-mail message]: Hahaha! You think your stupid anime and manga party can get away with wiping out all the baby shows and forcing me to like Haruhi Suzumiya and her show!??! This is now over!!!! I am now sending Sophie the were-otter to attack your air-base and your epic-tanks don't stand a chance of her Super-sonic Jet of death!!! Surrender now or things will be worse!!!!

[The Sakurada brothers became shocked after reading the message]

MarioLeopoldSam: we've got to stop Sophie's evil clone, let's get to the air-base before Sophie the were-otter arrives! Kaworu, your driving the EPIC TANK and I will pilot the A-1 jet!

[The Sakurada brothers get into their car on a rush to their air-base]

Part 2: Kaworu Sakurada's Epic Tank and MarioLeopoldSam's A-1 Jet VS Sophie the were-otter's Super-sonic Jet of death

[The Sakurada brothers arrive to their air-base 5 minutes before Sophie the were-otter attacks]

[MarioLeopoldSam and Kaworu Sakurada get changed into their combat suits and get in their tank and jet ready to attack the evil version of Sophie]

Kaworu Sakurada: It's us or that were-otter, let's finish her!

[MarioLeopoldSam takes off]

[MarioLeopoldSam sees Sophie the were-otter flying blurry at 2756 km/h]

MarioLeopoldSam: Kaworu, how are supposed to defeat this were-otter if she is flying all over the base blurry as 2756 km/h?!?!?

Kaworu Sakurada: your A-1 jet goes Light Speed. You may not be able to handle the speed of light, but you can catch up. My epic tank does not fly and it only goes 93 km/h.

[MarioLeopoldSam shoots multiple times at Sophie the were-otter]

MarioLeopoldSam: i shot her 50 times and she is not dieing!

Sophie the were-otter: Haha! You cannot destroy me! I am almost invincible as my good clone! Surrender now or die!

Kaworu Sakurada: NO! WE ARE NOT SURRENDERING!!!! [his epic tank shoots a bullet at Sophie the were-otter]

Sophie the were-otter: Ha! Your stupid Epic Tank is worth nothing at all!

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