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Save Trip from Jail is the first episode of Season 1 of The Life of Teenagers.


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  • This is the first episode of The Life of Teenagers.
  • This episode is available on The Life of Teenagers Season 1 DVD box set and The Life of Teenagers: The Yucky Ice Cream DVD.
    • It is not included on the Japanese, Austria, United States and Transylvania on The Life of Teenagers: The Yucky Ice Cream DVD due to the fact that the FCC and the FBI said that if teenagers shoots anyone, they will get arrested.



  • The school name for GoAnimate High School was accidently misspelt as Goanimate High School.
  • When Click says "Why did he get arrested?" It gives a close-up to his mouth instead of his face.
  • After Trip hit Anthone's head, Anthone said "I still wont to give you the money!" instead of "I'm still not giving you the money!"
  • When Click says "Well let's go in!" Click, Trip and Stephen enters the school but Click and Stephen were shrinking while entering.
  • When Stephen says "Hey guys! Where's Matt?" This has been a mistake for early details when Terrence was originally named as Matt.
    • This should have been changed to "Hey guys! Where's Terrence?"
  • When Click, Trip, Terrence and Stephen is going into the gym area Terrence is not seen running.
  • When Click throws the basketball it becomes normal but then it froze.
    • There are also the audience watching. The creator should have removed it.
  • When Trip says "What the hell? This food is f***ing disgusting!!" The mosaic that appears when saying a swear word has not been shown.


The Life of Teenagers Save Trip From Jail10:53

The Life of Teenagers Save Trip From Jail

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